Stardew Valley updates: Patch 1.05 and 1.06 details

The Stardew Valley updates 1:05 and 1:06 bring numerous improvements. You will find a detailed list of the issues fixed with the Patch 1.05 below:

Stardew Valley: Patch 1.05 - New graphics and sound settings

The first major update in Stardew Valley 1:05: You can enable push-buttons in the settings. Furthermore, you now have more sound and graphics settings in the Options:

- Now, you can control ambient and Footstep volume separately.

- The graphics can activate with push-buttons and determine the quality of light - From Low to Med or High.

- Also, you can adjust your Snow transparency and enable Flash Effects on or off.

1.05 Patch Notes

- A “Lost” Shane event was restored.
- Increased chance of finding Iridium.
- Added Zoom buttons.

- Volume control for the sound types.
- Snow transparency slider.
- Flash Effects can be disabled.
- The quality of light can be adjusted.
- Leah's daily routine / schedule has been fixed.
- People who have jobs, will not get stuck in the bus Area anymore.
- If you upgrade your house, having a flooring it, should no longer cause a mess.
- A Quest (Rat Problem) has been added to make clear that you have to examine the Community Center.
- Advanced NPC behavior was restored.
- Secret NPCs should no longer appear in the calendar, until you have taken.
- Escargot, chowder, etc. should now give proper Fishing buff.
- Fixed: Invisible trees prevents the interaction with tiles.
- Dead flowers have no more effect on honey.
- You can now dance with your chosen person at Flower Dance.
- Game should now pause correctly when the Steam overlay is active.
- Fixed: Inactive window should no longer respond to input now.
- Prices are now correct in Pierre's Store.
- You can now use the shortcut key (1,2,3) to change the active slot, while the inventory menu is opned.
- Iron ore can not be removed now, but will only be destroyed.
- The dog should no longer sit on chests.
- If you have your child named after a NPC, there should be no more issues.
- Fixed: food recipes should no longer consume more ingredients than prescribed.
- Fixed: Crashes in certain cut scenes and certain dialog selections.

In Stardew Valley Patch 1:06 the developer has fixed the following things:

- Husband / wife have new unique dialogues.
- Husband / wife leaves the house now on Monday.
- The value of animal products increased.
- The plant "Holly" is now toxic.
- Fixed: Missing events should not happen now.
- Fixed: husband / wife have a balloon without text.

Note: Holly and animal products that already exist in the game are not changed. Only new items to Patch 1:06 are affected by the changes.

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