The Division: Earn / Spend Phoenix Credits - guide

In Tom Clancy's The Division, there are three different currencies and Phoenix credits are one of them. They will important later in the game because you will need them especially in Endgame. In our guide, we explain you how to get the Phoenix Credits and what you can do with them in The Division.

The easy credit and the Dark Zone currency are the first two currencies in The Division. Phoenix Credits are a rare form of money and therefore not so easy to find. In addition, it is also not so easy to spend it, because for both you have to have reached level 30 and find an appropriate dealer.

There are several ways that you can earn Phoenix Credits in The Division. The following list shows three methods to earn a large sum of currency as a reward.

- Ubisoft Club: You can get 30 Phoenix credits from Ubisoft. Complete your Ubisoft Club challenges, earned their Uplay Credits and then trade them against Phoenix credits.

- Daily Challenges: Once you reach level 30 in The Division, you will be able to complete their daily missions. This is there in different levels of difficulty and the harder the challenge, the better you will be rewarded with Phoenix credits for passing.

- Challenge Mode: Some missions on the Map you can play again in Challenge Mode and can get 30 Phoenix credits as a reward.

What you can buy with the Phoenix Credits in The Division

In The Division, with the Phoenix Credits you can buy high-end items. But you will soon discover that not so many vendors who accept this currency. In the heavy zone of Dark Zone - DZ06 - you will find one of these traders, who accept Phoenix credits. He is in the shelter of a church. In addition to reach Level 30, the DZ-ranking must be correspondingly high, otherwise you cannot spend your Phoenix credits.

It is much easier to visit the dealer with Phoenix Credits in your base of operations. He is located on the first floor in the tech wing and also accepts this currency

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