The Division: how to double your ammo / medkits (glitch)

In Tom Clancy's The Division, lack of ammunition is not really a problem because ammunition boxes are found regularly, even during missions. Nevertheless, there are situations in the game where the ammunition can be scarce sometimes: This can happen, for example, in the Dark Zone or in the first incursion, in the first attack, by the first free update has been released: lost Falcon. In both cases it is endgame experience. Especially if you plan to play alone, you should have enough ammunition. This is no longer a problem in the future.

The trick is so simple that one or the other player is perhaps even come on it. To double the ammunition, you have to equip with a special backpack: For example the police backpack. When you have equipped with it, you should fill it with new ammunition, then the number of your ammunition doubles in inventory. Because in the Division there are some backpacks that have a special attribute that the ammunition capacity increased.

Find Special Police Backpack

You can find police backpack in two different ways.

The first possibility is, on the code "AGENT ORIGINS," redeem from the official website of Tom Clancy's The Division.

The second possibility is that you can get it from the Seasons Pass because this involves the same four sets of gear, such as the above-named code, populate and proliferate well with which your ammo can.

Use special backpack to double your ammunition when filling

Once you have a backpack, you should equip it and run off with it all the ammunition boxes and replenish your ammo. Of course you should not forget to reload your weapons before use. If you have done everything right, then you would have now more than 1,100 ammo.

Basically you don’t really have to use the special backpack. Your use it only to receive the ammunition and then you can switch back to your normal backpack.

More Med-kits with the special backpack

Just as you double your ammo, the glitch also work to take more Medkits with your. Thus you have a total of 7 Medkits available during a skirmish. To do this, equipped with a special / paramedic backpack then fill your inventory with the medicinal packages in the operational base.

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