Unlock RYNO Holocards - locations: Ratchet and Clank (PS4)

In Ratchet and Clank (PS4), there are nine RYNO Holocards with which you can unlock the most powerful weapon in the game - the RYNO. To get this weapon you must simply collect all RYNO Holocards then take them to the black market dealer in Blackwater City then he will give you the RYNO Weapon.

In Ratchet and Clank RYNO is an abbreviation for Rip you a New One". This gun fires nine missiles at the same time and each missile has an automatic target tracking. Find out whether you are good enough to collect all RYNO Holocards and get access to the most powerful weapon. The following table shows you the locations of all nine RYNO Holocards:

Rilgar RYNO I The black market dealers told you about the RYNO. Open the Door to his left and find the Holocard.
Rilgar RYNO II Complete the Blackwater City hoverboard race from first place and you will be rewarded with this Holocards.
Kerwan Zodiac Step into the planet and you keep right until you find a power-door. Open it with the trespasser and there you will find this card.
Nebula RYNO III Are you on the space station, you shall find a locked door that opens once you complete the Trespasser puzzle. Behind it is this Holocard.
Gaspar Harbinger Right in the area you see two high towers. Run behind the building and use your jetpack to fall down on the platform. There you will find this RYNO card.
Batalia RYNO IVRun straight through until you find a locked building on the left side. This card is behind this door.
Quartu RYNO V In the factory, you will find a round gate next to a gun, with which you can destroy the target. Behind it is the next RYNO card.
Kalebo III RYNO VI Protosuit You have to win another hoverboard race that leaves you with a gold cup, that brings you this Holocard.
Deplanetizer RYNO VII Jump with Clank's jet engine on the container left in the hangar. Then jump to the platform above and get yourself there the last Holocard.

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