Islander's Almanac Magazine Locations - Fallout 4: Far Harbor

Fallout 4: Far Harbor brings you a completely new area of the Wasteland and there you will discover a new edition of magazines. A total of five Islander's Almanac magazines are hidden on the island and each provides you with various bonuses. In the following guide you can see all the locations of these magazines.

There are five Islander's Almanac magazines in Fallout 4: Far Harbor and these have been well distributed on the island. Once you have found these magazines, you will be rewarded with a new trophies and achievements.

All Five Islander's Almanac Magazines:

1. Islander's Almanac: Far Harbor Sightseer's Guide
2. Islander's Almanac: Children of Atom Exposé
3. Islander's Almanac: Recipe Roundup
4. Islander's Almanac: Pincer Dodge
5. Islander's Almanac: Precision Hunting

Islander's Almanac: Far Harbor Sightseer's Guide

This Islander's Almanac can be found in the bar "Last Plank". Go to Longfellow and its on the table. As a reward, that you have found it, map markers are added, show the interesting places.

Islander's Almanac: Children of Atom Exposé

Acadia: Go into the house and to the right through the door. Take down the stairs and run through up to the counter. Speak with the synth leader and grab the next Islander's Almanac. With this magazine you will suffer 10% less damage when you are fired with radiation attacks.

Islander's Almanac: Recipe Roundup

National Park Visitor Center: Go into the building and turn to the right. In the shop on the counter you will find the next magazine. With this Islander's Almanac you unlock Sludge based recipes in lab stations.

Islander's Almanac: Pincer Dodge

At the end of the quarry of Northwood Ridge, in the camp of trappers, you can find the magazine on a small table. With this if you attack in future Mirelurks, you suffer 5% less damage.

Islander's Almanac: Precision Hunting

Lighthouse of Brooke's Head: Go to the top of the lighthouse and look at the ruined shelf. There you will find the Islander's Almanac. With this your VATS chance against animals increased by 5%.

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