Total War Warhammer: Dwarfs strengths / weaknesses guide

In our guide we give you useful tips on how you should play the Dwarfs and what are their strengths and weaknesses. Dwarfs are characterized by good defensive and rely mainly on infantry and firepower. You don’t own cavalry, but have a really excellent infantry shooter and also powerful artillery.

Among the commanders of the dwarfs are only melee, all of which have quite similar capabilities. Therefore, it is not so important, whom you choose here. Among the heroes also find melee and supporters. The Runesmith here is the only one with whom you can also perform magical attacks, which he should act more supportive.

Commanders of the Dwarfs

Thorgrim Grudgebearer: Mighty gray bearded melee.

Ungrim Ironfist: Also a strong melee fighter with a red beard

Strengths of the Dwarfs

- Gnomes are particularly suitable for the long-range combat with crossbow and muskets.
- The units of the combat infantry across the board strong and well armored.
- Take a Slayer with you in the fight against monsters, this is particularly effective, and the disadvantage is that dwarfs have no spears.
- The front of the dwarfs should always consist of a few melee regiments, in whose back you collect the full force of your ranged DPS.
- The artillery is extremely flammable and strong and can be additionally improved by heroes. Flame-throwers and cannons organ are also effective in the short to medium distances.
- Gyrocopter is most effective against the Empire. In the fight against ground targets they come into their own, as other air units are usually inferior.
- Gnomes are well armored and kill effectively only with anti-tank weapons.

Weaknesses of the Dwarfs

- Gnomes move very slowly across the battlefield because of their short legs.
- Against rapid advances of enemy cavalry they see no land.
- The fast spider and Wolf Rider Greenskin provide the dwarfs with major problems. This should be a priority for the rangers.
- Except for the Runesmith the Dwarfs don’t magically gifted units.
- With air units you can attack the slow dwarfs and the gyrocopter are here not a big obstacle.

The Units of the Dwarfs

The Dwarfs have a wide variety of infantry. Your army is often limited only to such. In their ranks there is no cavalry, but they have the best artillery in the world of Total War - Warhammer. The armament of the infantry is very different. From axes and hammers to guns and crossbows to flamethrowers everything is represented. The Dwarfs are stubborn. Your will is hard to break, and so they have enormous leadership and are difficult to expel from the battlefield. Unfortunately, however, they are very slow. The lack of cavalry and the short legs make them sluggish and prone to flankings.

The Most Powerful Units of the Dwarfs

- Gyrocopter: As master engineer, the Dwarfs have gyrocopter which surprisingly effective against infantry - because they have a very high rate of fire.
- Slayer: Axe and Hammer Units is particularly specialized in large opponents. When a Slayer is killed, he always brings out a final strike.
- Fire Cannon: The most powerful artillery weapon in Total War – Warhammer, burns rows opponents. However, their coverage is very low.
- Iron Dragon: An infantry unit with flamethrowers, which is very effective against lightly armored infantry. The iron dragons are indeed placed small in number, but their damage is enormous.

The Building of the Dwarfs

The cities of the Dwarfs are surrounded by the mountains / stones with endless mineshafts, they have a lot of natural resources.

Main Building

- Karaz-a-Karak: Through this main building they generates their income.

Military Recruitment:

- Siege Weapons Factory: Allows training of infantry and artillery projectile.
- Combat Training Room: Allows training your melee Infantry.
- Global Hall: Advanced your army with advanced infantry.

Military Support:

- Armory / Weapon Store: Formation of two-handed weapons Infantry
- Technical workshop: Training of cannons, catapults and technical instruments of war.
- Slayer Shrine: Remembered the available Slayers.

Technical Workshop


- Ground / field: Increases your growth.
- (Different resource production building)
- Trading Depot: important building to increase the trade income.
- Refectory: Improves public order.
- Throne Room of the High King: Public order is greatly increased.
The specialization of the Dwarfes

- The Dwarfs can move underground. This allows them to remain undetected or select shortcuts.
- They have the biggest tech tree in the game, which gives them in every respect improvements.
- The magic resistance protects them from hostile spells and they cannot be weakened.

As a people without magic and cavalry, the dwarfs would lose out. However, they have powerful artillery and are highly skilled in the diplomatic arena. Despite the low speed, they show strength and are worthy opponents.

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