Strategy guide - game similar to is a massive multiplayer online video game that put the player in a frantic battle between aircraft. The goal is to wipe out the enemy plane and become the best of the match, accumulating points and collecting weapons and items. Below you will find some useful tips to play the fun game.

To play with someone else, simply generate the link in the upper left corner of the game. Send to a friend, who will enter the same map. With the option to participate in dogfights in the company, the chances of survival increase. But don’t forget: he will enter the game as an enemy, so be careful with your aim and try not to hit him.

To control the airplane in, move the cursor to the desired direction. Note that there is a small circle around the jet. The aircraft will stop if you move the cursor inside this circle, which allows to aim more accurately in the opponents. The strategy also applies to when you need to recover energy - but don’t stop for too long, or you will be an easy target.

There are several weapons that will help you win and armaments have qualities and defects. For example, the machine gun has shot rate for very high second, besides infinite ammo, but have little damage. The missile launcher has great damage, but the projectile speed is low. The suggestion is to specialize in one of the weapons to have more chance of success, while look for the Super Weapon, the most powerful weapon in the game.

The corners of the map and nearby ocean areas are usually places where enemies are fighting to escape when they are low on energy. There the fight is less intense, and that's when you should attack. Scour near water for opponents with little energy, man with a good weapon - preferably the triple shooting at longer range - and shoot them without stopping.

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