7 Days to Die - The best weapons at a glance

In 7 Days to Die, there are different weapons with which you can fight against zombies. Of course, the choice of the best weapons depends on how you want to contest the play. In our guide, we show you suggestions for the best weapons in 7 Days to Die.

Below we show you all the generally accepted best weapons in the fight against zombies and what you need in order to produce them.

Wooden Bow:

Material: 6x Stock / 3x plant fiber
Crafting Time: 12:15
Ammo (Make 5 arrows): 1x small stone / 1x stock / 1x spring


Material: 1x Wrought iron / 2x leather strips / 7x stock
Crafting Time: 12:20
Ammo (Make 5 bolts): 1x small stone / 1x stock / 1x spring

The Best Weapons in Melee

In addition to Wooden Bow and Crossbow you should also equip with melee weapons for close combat. Below we show you our suggestions for the best weapons in the melee. We expect a maximum damage.


Material: 3x Stock / 3x Iron Bar
Crafting Time: 12:05
Damage: 70


Material: 3x Stock / 2x Iron Bar
Crafting Time: 12:05
Damage: 40


Material: 4x Stock / 4x scrap iron
Crafting Time: 12:05
Damage: 30

The Best Firearms

If you already have a little practice and know how the wind is running in 7 Days to Die, then it's not so bad if you draw your attention to equip with a firearm to kill more zombies. Particularly if you have forged a wonderful escape plan. In this case, firearms as the best weapons can apply for zombie combat. Again, we have picked out the most powerful weapons and evaluated independently of the materials as well.

.44 Magnum

Materials: 1x .44 Magnum frame / 1x .44 Magnum parts / 1x .44 Magnum drum / 1x .44 Magnum grip
Crafting Time: 12:30
Damage: 120
Distance: Close to Central

Sniper Rifle

Materials: 1x sniper rifle tube / 1x sniper rifle Hand protection / 1x sniper riflescope / 1x sniper rifle grip / 1x sniper rifle stock
Damage: 100
Distance: 200

Repeating Shotgun

Materials: 1x short shotgun barrel / 1x Shotgun closure / 1x short shotgun shaft / 1x Shotgun forend
Crafting Time: 12:20
Damage: 50
Distance: Close

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