ARK: Survival Evolved - all cave locations, details - map

In ARK: Survival Evolved, there are maps. One is the standard map and second one is the "The Center" map which was made available to all with patch 241.0. On both maps you will find caves:

- Standard Map: 6 caves on land and 12 caves in the water
- The Center: 13 caves on land and 2 underwater caves

The caves or dungeons in ARK are important. Here you find drops, crystals or chitin. However, you should progress already in Level below before your step into cave. You should reach at least level. In the caves you will find creatures such as: Bats, Spiders, Scorpions, Giant boas, Sarco (water) and Piranhas (water).

In addition to resources for crafting, you also find artifacts in the caves and there are six in the default map. You need them to conjure Broodmother Lysrix - a special bosses -.

Furthermore, you should always keep a pickaxe (Stone or Metal Pick) because you can mine crystals, metals and Obsisian. Obsisian is rare, it is gray and can be found on the ground. Chitin you will get only if you kill the insects in the caves.

Caves often have very different temperature conditions. So there are hot lava caves, where sweating your character and on the other side there are ice-caves in which he or she freezes. Therefore, you should prepare yourself well on your caves adventure.

Another important tip: If you realize that you are not up to the demands in the dungeon, then leave the cave quickly, level up fast- and then return with a higher level.

ARK: caves in the south of the Map

Coordinates: 80.2 / 53.5
Temperature: cold. Bring warm clothes and a torch.
Construction: normal
Recommended level: 5
Opponent: Snakes, scorpions and spiders

Further information

It is advisable to have a ranged weapon against the enemy in this cave. In addition, you should have some stim berries against scorpions.

ARK Caves Locations, South, Map

In the south of the default map you will find another cave:

Coordinates: 68.3 / 56.1
Temperature: cold
Construction: Bring enough supplies, since this cave is very large and the exploration can last longer.
Recommended level: 30
Opponent: Scorpions, bats, snakes and spiders

Further information

A ranged weapon and a torch are very important to succeed in this cave can. For your health you should pack enough Stim berries.

ARK: Cave in the northwest of the Map

Coordinates: 19.1 / 19.0
Temperature: Normal
Construction: This very narrow cave is probably not intended for large groups. Furthermore, you may have to jump to get through the cave alive.
Recommended level: 15
Opponent: Scorpions, bats and spiders

Further information

Take Blood packs and a ranged weapon with you.

ARK: Cave in the south east of the Map

Coordinates: 70.6 / 86.1
Temperature: In this rather hot cave you should rest your character often and let him do any strenuous tasks.
Construction: You may need to jump to survive in this cave.
Recommended level: 5
Opponent: Scorpions, bats, snakes and spiders

Further information

Because of the high temperature in the cave you should bring enough water and Calien Soup. The latter increases your resistance to the heat. Moreover, Stim berries and Blood Packs to keep you health intact. Also recommend to take a ranged weapon.

ARK: cave to the north of the Map

Coordinates: 41.5 / 46.9
Temperature: Cold
Construction: Very little space, crawlspace.
Recommended level: 30
Opponent: Spiders and bats

Further information

Against the cold you should take a torch again. Recommend to take a ranged weapon and sufficient health resources: Blood Packs and Stim berries.

ARK: Cave in the North East of the Map

Coordinates: 14.7 / 85.4
Temperature: cold
Construction: Very rich canyon cave that requires again your jump skill.
Recommended level: 40
Opponent: Spiders, scorpions and bats

Further information

Take a ranged weapon with you to protect yourself and need a torch to keep you warm, and also take many Blood Packs and Stim berries to maintain your health.

Underwater caves

If you're looking for an underwater cave, keep your eyes open for air bubbles. Here you will find the entrance. The underwater caves are excellently suited to farm pearls, crystals and oil. You can dismantle the oily stones with any tool. Do you see luminous shells, then it often hidden pearls that can easily pick up with bare hands. To explore the caves, it is advisable either to tame a Megalodon or to have something cooked Lazarus Choweder (oxygen consumption is reduced).

center Caves Map, Northern Ice Cave, Small Lava Cave, Big Lava Cave, Southern Ice Cave, Underwater Bubble, South eastern Cave

ARK The Center - find caves on the new map

Since Patch 241.0 you have the chance to inhabit the new map "The Center," available as Mod Map. Here you will find very lucrative and challenging caves. Often the new caves have several entrants, but we will only show you each one.

ARK: Northern Ice Cave on the map "The Center"

Coordinates: 35.5 / 19.6
Construction: This cave is widely spread and to explore all areas of the cave, you have to swim through ice
Spawning opponents: Spiders, scorpions and bats
Materials: Metal, oil and crystals
Artifacts: Artifact of the Clever, Artifact of the Devourer

More info and tips

For this cave it is recommended to have the scuba diving equipment / or Lazarus Chowder, since it is very challenging to enter into the cave. You can also get help from even Dinos as Sarco, Beelzlebufo or Spino.

ARK: Southern Ice Cave on the map "The Center"

Coordinates: 85.3 / 10.3
Construction: Here you don't have to Dive
Spawning opponents: Wolves, spiders and saber-toothed tiger
Materials: Metal, oil and crystals
Artifacts: Artifact of the Skylord

More info and tips

Take with you cloth that protects you from the cold. The cave is very cold.

ARK: Small lava cave on the map "The Center"

Coordinates: 32.5 / 44.4
Construction: In this little cave, you can take no dinosaurs, which are larger than saber-toothed tigers or wolves.
Spawning opponents: Titanboas, scorpions, spiders, bats and centipedes
Materials: Metal, crystals and Obsidian
Artifacts: Artifact of the Hunter, Artifact of the Pack

More info and tips

Take appropriate clothing to overcome the freezing temperature in the cvave. In the cave there is a determined point which can be reached only with a tamed Pteranodon or a grapple. Take one of them with you, if you want to explore the cave fully.

ARK: Large lava cave on the map "The Center"

Coordinates: 27.7 / 64.9
Construction: This cave is very narrow and branched.
Spawning opponents: Titanboas, scorpions, spiders, bats and centipedes
Materials: Metal, crystals and Obsidian
Artifacts: Artifact of the Devious, Artifact of the Massive

More info and tips

To the east of the map, there is a volcano, on its eastern side you can find this cave.
To get there you fly at best, because the opponents are very strong here. Take a Quetzal, Pteranodon or Argentavis with you. Alternatively, you can try with a grappling hook and a parachute.

ARK: Cave in south-east on the map "The Center"

Coordinates: Near the pond Bieber 78.5 / 59.6, the blue obelisk 74.4 / 70.0, underwater 67.7 / 60.6, underwater 69.7 / 59.6
Construction: You can find the cave on the southern jungle island. Also it has multiple entrance
Spawning opponents: Titanboas, scorpions, spiders, bats and centipedes
Materials: Metal and crystals
Artifacts: Artifact of the Strong

ARK: Center Cave on the map "The Center"

Coordinates: At the bottom of the island 62.0 / 20.0, [br /] 56.6 / 26.5 [br /] ascending entrance 56.4 / 25.2
Construction: The eponymous cave for this map, can be found on the floating islands.
Spawning opponents: Bats, spiders and scorpions
Materials: Metal and crystals
Artifacts: Artifact of the Immune

As you probably noticed that there are still missing a few cave localities here. The reason is that our guide is still under construction and we will add them in the coming days.

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