ARK Survival Evolved: The Center, Patch 241 new map detailed

The Dino game ARK: Survival Evolved with a charming OpenWorld style is after all this time still an Early Access so we are happy players on a regular basis with new features. These include new dinosaurs, new items and weapons and a new map. "The Center" is the new map that the patch 241 has to offer. Where The Center is not so new ... learn in our guide everything you need to know about this map when you are traveling in ARK.

The new free map "The Center" must first be downloaded before you explore the new area. You can download it either from the Xbox store or through Steam. If you cannot find it, however, then it could be that you have turned off the update function. Activate this and then look for the following version numbers for the patch:

- PC Patch: Version number 241.0
- Xbox patch: version number 734.0

The Center-Map is amazing, because it is almost twice as large as the standard map with ARK and has a unique level design and also features the following:

- Floating island
- The end of the world with huge waterfalls
- Lava regions and lava caves
- Large underground world can with its own sun and an independent ecosystem in building their cities
- Huge, wide ocean system
- Giant bubbles in the deep ocean, where their bases can build houses
- Powerful, ancient ruins, which are distributed throughout the world
- Ice caves with ruins and Yetis
- All regular ARK-biomes of "The Iceland"
- Various cave systems, both above and under waterfalls
- Endgame boss fights, which are particularly challenging and offer great rewards

In the caves you encounter the follwoing creatures that have been waiting to finally get a meaty meal:

- Ice Caves: spiders, wolves, saber-toothed tiger
- Lava Caves: giant boas, spiders, bats, giant millipede

The Center - Picturesque landscape and spawn points

In The Center you will find a picturesque landscape with many different surfaces. You can expect eight different spawn points at the beginning, from which you can watch and search to enter into the world:

Lava Island
Snow South
Snow North
Jungle North
Jungle Mid
Jungle South
Tropical Island North
Tropical Island South

We recommend you to start on the Tropical Island in the south. Here you get a gentle introduction. The hardest spawn point is the Lava Island, because here you will encounter many dinosaurs.

ARK - The Center: Where shall I build the Base / Shelter?

Well, this question is actually difficult, because you have an incredible number of options for settling down and building at ARK. Look for it, especially in the ruins around and explored the possibility of the area. You should better reach a higher level, because then you equip with better armor and therefore better protected if you attack by a dinosaur.

Even the ground is an ideal hideaway to build. Here you really have a lot of space and can create entire cities.

A special plot waiting for you in the oxygen bubbles that you find in the ocean. Here you can build a new home. The setting here is really breathtaking. However, there are only two bubbles, where you can also live:

- 40.89: There is no metal but plenty of wood and stones.
- 93.60: You can find this bubble close of Skull Island. There is in contrast to other bubble metals, crystals, oil and silicon beads.

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