Battlefield 1: all editions, bonuses and extras at a glance

It goes back into the past - what is the community wants for years, is a shooter in World War scenario. With Battlefield 1 EA fulfills the desire and also offers you exciting extras under various editions. Overall, three editions have been confirmed so far. These are:

- Early Enlister Deluxe Edition
- Collector's Edition
- Standard Edition

Battlefield 1 All editions at a glance

All three editions of Battlefield 1 have special pre-order bonuses that we show you below and we also listed what extras included in all editions, where it does not matter if you pre-ordered it or buy after the release. In the Standard Edition, you can enjoy also the pre-order bonuses.

Battlefield 1 - Collector's Edition

The Collector's Edition of Battlefield 1 costs about $ 220 and supplies you with numerous extras that are not included in the other editions. For example: Do you like play maps, then this version will make your heart beat faster, because there is a K types deck in Battlefield design. In addition, the Collector's Edition is included the following:

- An approximately 35 cm tall.
- A sleeve for carrier pigeons, which contains codes for the DLCs.
- A game card set in Battlefield optics.
- A substance Poster.
- A Patch.
- A Steelbook.
- Playing with all bonuses and extras of Early Enlister Deluxe Edition.

Battlefield 1 - Early Enlister Deluxe Edition

The special feature of this version is that you can already go into battle three days before the official release. But have to pay $ 80 to 90. But do not worry, you will also receive additional bonuses and extras.

- The main game.
- Red Baron package with three Earth Shrouded, the gun P08 and the emblem flyer needle.
- Lawrence of Arabia package with a black stallion, the weapon SMLE, the sidearm Jambiya and an emblem.
- Sense of the train, the airship and the battleship and five Battle Packs.

Battlefield 1 - Pre-Order Bonuses

All pre-orders will be rewarded with additional bonuses. Among them included is a pre-release access, which allows you to play a multiplayer map than seven days before everyone else. In addition, you will receive even the Hellfighter package (incl. Trench Shotgun, M1911 and Bolo Knife). Ordered you the digital version, you get a free month EA Access (Xbox store) and an exclusive design (PSN Store).

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