Battlefield 5: Everything We Know So Far about DICE's new game

Battlefield 5 being officially announced by Electronic Arts, and being developed by DICE.

After that Electronic Arts has confirmed last year that Battlefield continues to be developed, and that the next title of DICE goes back to what made the success of their games, Production Manager at EA DICE, ending doubts about Battlefield 5 arrives.

A Battlefield could be e-Sports title

- Given that EA has launched its Competitive Gaming Division, and it should come out to the Battlefield 2016 autumn surroundings, it's a safe bet that Battlefield 5 will be e-sports title. Judging by the strategies of Electronic Arts, they want to move as quickly as possible in the growing market of e-Sports.
- Those responsible for this newly formed division are none other than the Director of Operations, Peter Moore, and the vice president and manager Todd Sitrin. However, Moore will assume his new position at the beginning of the next fiscal year, according to EA.
- However, we must remember that EA has said that the company "does not primarily aim to fill its pockets," but to provide a sort of e-sports paradise for the players. It only remains to see if Battlefield 5 will be the game that will propel the editor in the world of racing video games.

DICE actively seeking staff in Virtual Reality

The development studio DICE has updated its website, as well as the jobs page. And it must be said that the vacancies are many and varied. Indeed, DICE research designers in Virtual Reality and a Creative Director in Virtual Reality.

A return to the theme "Military"

Electronic Arts has confirmed that the military theme would be the one chosen for "The Next Battlefield" does not yet indicate the time when the events would take place.

Yet there are only four possibilities:

- A direct sequel to Battlefield 4 (which took place in 2020), which would follow the events of Final Stand?
- A sequel to Battlefield 1943, so a Battlefield 1944 WWII fashion?
- A sequel to Battlefield 2142, Battlefield 2143 so a futuristic fashion?
- A brand new theme / unexplored era (such Hardline).

According to the schedule of the fiscal year, Battlefield 5 would be the first big blockbuster to arrive around October-November 2016 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. It is therefore likely that by then, the game will be presented at E3 2016.

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