GTA Online: Power Play - new mode comes with power ups

Power Play is an adversary mode in GTA Online, which comes as part of the so called power play week in connection with the DLC "Finance and Felony". You now have the chance to double your in game currency and RP points until 27 June 2016.

The Power Play is a surreal new team battle in the Game, which is similar to a deathmatch. Each power-up in the game has a different effect on the result, but because they are so blatant, each player may only use one of these skills. However, in the group your power-ups can combine as desired and strategic and so off your enemies.

These are the six power-ups at Power Play:

You can transform into a beast. Invisibility, Mega strength and big jumps belong to your special beast capabilities.

You have the ability to slow down time. Particularly sniper can benefit from this tactic.

Not you, but your enemies are here on a trip. With this power-ups you can confuse your opponent’s minds with green streaks.

You fall into a rage, you transformed into an animal and tick completely and fall on your enemies. The nice thing about it: You make an enormous amount of damage, but suffered only half.

Confused your opponents with this power-up because their camera control and chat channels are temporarily inverted, therefore, overturned so that everything is mixed and completely crazy.

There's nothing like a blackout attack! Here your team completely vanishes from the radar and you can sneak without trouble.

GTA Online: Maps for the Power-Play game mode

Currently you can fight on three different maps in Power Play mode. The start, pickups and end will be announced during a match by a cybernetic voice. Here are the maps:

- Power Play Map 1: USS Luxington ATT-16 (Pacific Ocean)
- Power Play Map 2: Vespucci Beach (Los Santos); directly at the Sculpture
- Power Play Map 3: In the Bolingbroke Penitentiary (Blaine County)

Until 27 June 2016 you can also view on the GTAV start screen or in the pause menu also list games for Power Play.

Moreover, GTA Online coming into play with the update "Power Play" and the futuristic supercar X80 Proto manufacturer Grotti, which is now considered as the fastest car in GTA.

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