Mekorama (Android): strategy guide / walkthrough

Do you have a soft spot for puzzle video games? Then you should take a look at the new puzzle adventure Mekorama. The smartphone app for Android and iOS devices has recently become available in the Google Play Goals and Apple's App Store and has developed within a few weeks to a real insider tip. In the puzzle game from developer Martin Magni, you move the little robot B in isometric perspective by imaginatively crafted levels and help him to reach his destination. Sounds simple - but Mekorama is pretty fast and pretty tricky.

The goal in Mekorama in each of the 50 levels is the same: you have to reach the exit, by navigating the robot to the appropriate field. You recognize the outcome in each case on a red dot that you have to achieve. The management of B is relatively simple. Just type in a field, to move the robot there. If no obstacles or empty boxes blocking the way to B will make his way - the robot can climb stairs and water, and a jump does not count to his repertoire.

- To get an overview, you should rotate the camera as often as possible. So you turn the Level quasi around the robot and thus discover hidden paths, which you would possibly escape in another viewing angle.
- Your rotate by tapping your finger on an empty space and hold while you pull to the left or right - the levels can rotate be but only horizontally (not up and down).

- It is necessary to overcome many obstacles in each level. You realize movable blocks on a small transparent circle on the surface.
- Typing on a movable block and pull it in the desired direction - the blocks can sometimes be a terrible drag in all directions.
- B can also climb these movable blocks - typed simply move to the movable box to the robot there and then pull the block in one direction.
- In this way gaps or height differences are easily overcome.
- In some cases it may happen that your robot falls down and a part of the level achieved, from which there is no escape - in this case you start the level - on the Pause button tap on the top right and then the touch for restart.

In the following YouTube Walkthrough video you will find the solution to all 50 levels in Mekorama.

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