Mirror's Edge Catalyst: beginner's / getting started guide

In 2008, the first installment of Mirror's Edge series came out on the market. The developer EA DICE and Electronic Arts have now worked with Mirror's Edge Catalyst a prequel to Faith's first adventure and tells the story of revolve Faith's origin. In this case you go through a main quest and many side quests.

In Mirror's Edge Catalyst, you live in a world that is dominated and controlled by large corporations. You have the power to fight against this farce and the bosses tidy obliterate one. However, this you have to do without weapons, because Faith cannot operate this and therefore has no weapons available. Furthermore, you can unlock some actions of Faith later using upgrade points.

At the beginning of Mirror's Edge Catalyst can be quite tricky, but with our beginners guide you are very well prepared:

- Runner Vision: The Runner Vision can be very useful at the beginning of the gameplay. Think of it like the thread that leads you in the game. Especially if you don’t know how or where you shall go, run or jump, Runner Vision can show the way. You also have the option to disable it.

- Find collectibles: In Mirror's Edge Catalyst, there are a few collectibles that you can collect. These are: Hidden Bags, Documents, Recordings, GridLeaks, Electronic Parts, Runner Kits, Beat L.E. and Control Chip from Allcom relay boxes. So keep your eyes open, because the collectibles are to be found not only on roofs, they are hidden in different places, like ventilation ducts and in corners of houses. In addition, you can earn Trophies when you get all collectibles. In the map menu you can use the tab "missions" See how many collectibles can find in the various missions. In addition, you can repeat this option for individual quests to make you once again on the search for collectibles.

- Documents and recordings View: You have the opportunity to retrieve documents and recordings on your menu to look and listen to them later date.

- Leveraging the upgrade points: Use the upgrade points to improve Faith 'skills. To get upgrade points you have to collect experience points (EP). From time to time you must also master chases, then there are more EP for you if you manage this well. Any improvement, incidentally, requires a point. Under the menu item "progress" you can upgrade the three categories of movement, combat and equipment.

- Build up Focus shield: at the beginning of the game if you give no attention to the focus sign, then there is no problem for the time being. If you are, however, become somewhat safer in dealing with Faith, then you have to give more attention to the focus shield display, located at the bottom left. Specifically, it is the large bar which is located right next to the three smaller bars. The focus shield is a really good friend that is in the course of the game and helps you tremendously in staying in the race. You build up the focus shield by jumping over the roofs of Glass, run and climb. Then fill the said bar. When it reaches 100%, then you cannot be caught directly of attacks, only smaller counter-attacks. In addition, the focus shield ensures that you quickly get into gear after an abrupt stop again. If you are too slow, then the focus shield disappears again quickly.

- With the fast travel from point to point: Glass is just huge - Since it may be troublesome to always climb to overcome long distances. Especially since it also costs a lot of time, you should use the fast travel. But this is only possible if you have hacked the GridNode. This is a large antenna. However, it is guarded by many opponents, here you have to choose a tactically clever way to get to the GridNode. Reach them quietly and then take some opponents from strategically and unseen.

- Keep Stamina at a glance: The three points that you find in the bottom left of your screen, shows your stamina. You can take only three direct hits at the beginning, before your injury is fatal. Then your image is black and white and the bar turns red. The Stamina can be improved with upgrade points and taking the category "fight".

- Attempt to cause high damage: your punch do more damage if you commit the attack of a Wallrun or with a jump. So consider your environment and use this to increase your damage.

- Study and analyze your enemies: in Mirror's Edge Catalyst, you encounter different enemy types that you knock out each with different attacks. At the beginning you get always a little introduction, which you should use it. You also have the option to upgrade individual skills, if you want to do more damage against certain enemies.

- Don’t stop and use different attack techniques: Sometimes it is wise to run away rather than take any enemy and perhaps even to repeat attacks. Simply run and try to take the next opponent with neat swing. It helps you more just to stay in motion and build speed. That option is not always available for every opponent, and if you run into an enemy you should vary your attack techniques, because the enemies can imagine your attacks and can counter well. Confuse instead your enemies and attack from behind or used evasive actions and fight relocations.

- Use Time trails to practice: To practice, you can use the user-created content with the name Time Trails. Besides, you can collect even valuable EP. This may be frustrating, yet they are the best exercise.

- Stay tuned!: Yes, it can happen that you have to go through some runs more than once. It helps immensely to know the way, so that you lying down a perfect run. Some delivery missions associated with exact time - that can bring a fight to despair and hair. But, stay tuned, and you will make it on the top list and can enjoy your victory.

- Lost and search for alternative routes: The alternative routes can be helpful in the rankings. So don’t always take the predetermined path that shows up the Runner Vision. When you are persecuted, then you can use an alternative route to save your life.

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