Resident Evil 7 (demo) guide to unlock each Ending

Immediately after the announcement of Resident Evil 7, PS Plus subscribers have given the opportunity to download the demo version of the game and this provides you four different endings. In our guide, we show you how you can unlock all these multiple different endings.

Resident Evil 7 - Unlock Normal ending – (Backdoor)

The normal end of Resident Evil 7 demo you reach easily and without much intervention. The other ends in turn need more specific sequences. Nevertheless, we want to show you, by which actions depends the normal end of Resident Evil 7 demo.

- Go out of the room, take the stairs and then pass through the kitchen. Through the passage behind you come to the back door.
- Stop the bolt cutters from the floor and open the closet on the other end of the corridor.
- There you will find a videotape that you can watch.
- Open the secret passage at the fireplace to the switch and get the backup..
- Go through the back door of the house to the outside and observed what happened.

Resident Evil 7 – Unlock First Phone Call Ending

For this end of Resident Evil 7 Demo you have to know that you can open the secret passage to the switch by the fireplace.

- Get yourself in the secret passage, the fuse which is located in the left of the box.
- Go back to the room where you are woken up and put the fuse back into the fuse box.
- Come out of the room and up the stairs, where you can activate a switch.
- A staircase to the attic is lowered and you can walk up.
- Above a telephone rings - take off and observed what happened.

Resident Evil 7 – Unlock Second Phone Call Ending

You have to get the second call to unlock the third end of the demo. Follow the sequence in the list:

- Open the secret passage to the switch at the fire place and get yourself back up.
- Back in the fuse box and bring the bolt cutters in the back door.
- Take the videotape out of the closet and watch it.
- Go to the video section in the kitchen, you bring the Dietrich (located next to the microwave) and open towards the drawer.
- Play the video as normal to the end and then you can take an ax from the tray in the kitchen
- Now activate the switch to the attic, so that you can answer the call. Watch what happens.

Resident Evil 7 – Unlock Third Phone Call Ending

This end is somewhat different and here you must already comply with familiar tasks to unlock it. The order and an additional object You can extract the list below.

- Open the secret path to the switch at the fireplace and grab the backup in the fuse box.
- Go up out of the room and up the stairs.
- Go unnoticed to the mannequins, so they do not turn around.
- Actuate the switch for the stairs to the attic and go up to answer the call.
- Keep close to the wall and try to get out of the room. Then watch what happens next.

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