Resident Evil 7 (Demo) Secrets and Easter Eggs - locations

Resident Evil 7 was one of the biggest surprises of E3 2016, not only by the announcement and drastic change in style of play, but also the launch of a mysterious demo along the lines of canceled PT / Silent Hills. In addition to horror and several different endings, the demo also brings Easter Eggs and secrets for the most dedicated fans. Check out some of them below:

The Dummy Finger

Since the release of the demo, fans have discovered countless secrets and hidden items that trigger new events, but one of them remains unknown - the finger dummy. So far no one has discovered what it's for. On examining it, some users have seen that it is made of flammable material, but failed to take the idea forward.

Message on the paper

There is a piece of paper in the room you wake up, among the first items that the player can find in the demo. It contains a phrase that read: "I shall dash them against the stones." However, after watching the VHS tape, the same paper appears with some alteration: "I shall dash YOU against the stones."


Players might not have noticed, but as the demo PT Silent Hills, photograph of the demo of Resident Evil 7 changes as you play. Frames with people suffer deformations or drastic changes, while objects may change or disappear from where they were before.

Helicopter with Umbrella Logo

There's a picture next to a phone with a helicopter that has the logo of the Umbrella Corporation, big villain of the Resident Evil series. He appears in one of the alternative end of the demo. On the back of the photo you can read details about the company we have investigated the inhabitants of the house.

Hidden Serial Number on the VHS Tape

This is a curiosity to longtime fans of the Resident Evil series, Hidden Serial Number that appears before the VHS tape begins to be displayed. On the left side there is a sequence of apparently random numbers, but players have found that it is the serial number of Resident Evil: Director's Cut of the original PlayStation One.

Moving Mannequins

One of the horror genre cliches, the demo of Resident Evil 7 has ghoulish mannequins on the second floor of the house. However, not all have noticed that the mannequins is moving when you are not looking at it, as a "Weeping Angel" or “Lonely Assassins” of the TV series Doctor Who.

The Strange AX

Another item that increases the mysteries list is an ax that the player can equip. However, there is no harm that it is really able to do in the demo. While no mysterious was found for the ax, it can be used at least to dismantle the scary mannequin on the second floor.

"Ghost" on VHS tape

One of the most interesting moments of the demo is to find a VHS tape and can play the events that happen in it. But on the tape, there are many times when a ghost appears at a glance - the figure of a woman who disappears after one second. Apparently it is the same creature that attacks the player at the end of the demo.

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