The Technomancer - Companion: locations, skills and romance

In The Technomancer, there are 7 companions that you can find throughout the game. However, only two of them you can take with you on your journeys on Mars. Each crew member has their own fighting style and brings you special abilities. Once you have recruited a Companion, you have to take him, so that he can also level up. In this way, you have to decide exactly what skills they possess and recruit them accordingly. Each companion has their preferences and morals.

Of course you can also ignore the companions, so they leave you, but that brings you no benefit. Romances can reach only if you win the friendship of your companions. The works by her received within their companion missions to them and help them. In our guide, we show you where you can find all your companions and what specialty skills and ability they bring.

Amelia Reacher

Amelia Reacher is a companion who takes on the role of a warrior and tanks, armed with Mace and Shield. This strong Lady you will find in the course of the main quest of The Technomancer. You will encounter her just before enter the Noctis city. Amelia is a rover pilot and will join you during the mission. She loves to explore lost cities and to seek relics from ancient times. If you share this preference and help her in her quest, then that trigger the romance with Amelia and also the following rewards you will get if you chose Amelia as your companion.

- Passive Bonus: + 5% resistance to interruption
- Bonus on friendship: +1 Crafts

The Technomancer Companion, Locations, Skills, Romance


The appearance of Niesha fits perfectly into the scenario and even she's a great companion. She will join your team just before you reach Noctis City. We recommend you to take her first quest. With her rogue abilities, dagger and gun, she will be faithful to you and if you want and overworked accordingly, then that trigger a romance with Niesha. Increase friendship with Niesha, you will also receive the following rewards:

- Passive Bonus: +2 Physical damage by Daggers
- Bonus on friendship: +1 crack at traps and locks

Andrew (Lucky)

Andrew seems to be a companion with gloomy past and armed with a mace, you will encounter Andrew when you are in Noctis during the main quest. The manoeuvrable and hipster-friendly companion is you with his friendship (and romance, if you play a male character) reward if you completed his companion quests. These extras you will receive if you decide on Andrew as companion:

- Passive Bonus: + 5% to liquid regeneration
- Bonus on friendship: +1 to Charisma

Scott Seeker

Scott is your oldest friend in The Technomancer. Although he is always slightly intoxicated, but a good doctor and scientist. This companion can be found in the laboratories in the slums. He will save your life. Of course, you will be rewarded for his friendship and brings the following bonuses with him:

- Passive Bonus: + 2% Regeneration
- Bonus on friendship: +1 on Science


In every good game where you can take a companion, there is a mutant or a particularly large aliens - as well as in The Technomancer. Here, the Phobos is a mutant. As expected it is a tank with guard skills and uses a two-handed mace in battle. Also this good-hearted companion can be found in Noctis, during the main quest. Make friends with Phobos, you will unlock an additional bonus.

- Passive Bonus: +500 carrying capacity
- Bonus on friendship: +1 exploring

David Ward

In The Technomancer there are also side companion, as David Ward. A special friendship remains out there and also the bonus, which you would get as friendship. However, David is a very good guard who will stand you with mace and shield. A passive bonus you will get: +2 resist interrupting. If you want to recruit this companion, then you have to wait until the quest Fight for Abundance have completed and entering the barracks.

Jeffrey Hunter

Like David, Jeffrey Hunter is a secondary companion. He is also in the barracks (immediately after completing the Mission Initiation) and will support you with his rogue skills. With an assault rifle and the passive bonus +2 physical damage from firearms, he will guide you though to be a loyal friend, but bring no friendship bonus.

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