The Technomancer: beginner's guide / basic controls

As is usual for an RPG, your adventure begins with the creation of the hero Zach. During character creation you define not only your appearance, but also distribute your first points on talents and attributes.

- Talents: Allow access to new capabilities such as Lockpicking, the production of health and concentration injections or performing high-level upgrades for your weapons and armor.

- Attributes: Increase your damage done, your resistance and the critical strike chance. In addition, attributes specify whether you can carry certain equipment.

Equipment and Workbench

In the inventory of Zach you can inspect and adjust all weapons and armor that takes you during your adventures. Every piece of equipment you can share with your companion and can equip them as accordingly. You can use the arrow keys to go back and forth between your companions’ inventory. At the workbench you should always make a stop times and upgrade your weapons and armor, Some dealers also sell you upgrade plans.

Combat and Fighting Styles

The combat system in The Technomancer consists of three different fighting styles and four different skill trees, between which you can switch in the fight easily. In addition, each fighting style is favored by a particular attribute.

- Warrior style (Constitution): focus on melee with quick attacks, area attacks and disruption attacks.
- Rogue Style (Agility): Focus on fast combat maneuvers with sword and pistol. So you can combat with the blade slots and push or shoot your weapon at a distance.
- Guardian Style (Strength): Focus on defensive with Mace and Shield. You can perform a Mace hit and block with your shield.
- Technomancer (Power): you can mix any fighting style with Technomancer Power. So you can electrify each weapon. Another special feature is the arcs, magic attacks that you have to first assign and trigger powerful electric attacks.

Forget the fight and not use the alternate function to take your opponent then you have an enemy in the target, you can go back and forth between different enemies using the analog stick.

Basic Controls and Tips

- All mission objectives are listed in the Journal. A push in the right direction button to see it.
- If you want to see the map that goes over the top direction switch in the Journal.
- You can move Zach faster and sprint by holding down X / A.
- In critical situations you can use health injections in the pause menu. You open it via L1 / LB.
- Liquid cargoes need you to cast Technomancer capabilities. This also you can fill in the pause menu by utilizing concentration injections.
- If you have problems to break through enemy armor, use the weapons upgrade to increase your chances significantly. Some guards and Technomancer also help yoy to penetrate enemy armor.
- You can use the Pause menu commands to adjust your companions in combat situations. Power should use sensibly.
- During the game, sometimes you have to use your flashlight. You can use them via the Pause menu and can also assign a quick selection slot.

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