Total War Warhammer: Units - level and ranking system

As commander in Total War - Warhammer you need not only a good overview of the numerous troops of your faction, but also make sure that your troops are well trained and always rise in rank. This ensures that they are stronger and you have the chance to compete against stronger opponents and even to conquer more territories. In this guide we show you a summary of the ranks of the strategy game from Creative Assembly.

The ranking system of units is definitely not to be underestimated. Furthermore, not only your troops, but also yourself can increase in rank over time. In multiplayer mode you can collect your experience points. Thus, the match-making is refined and you meet opponents of the same experience rank so you must attend not only to simple or heavy fighting.

The Ranking System of Units

If two exact same units fight against each other, then the victory depends on three main factors: Moral / Leadership, Position and Ranking.

The more battles you encounter during the campaign, the higher you and your unit on the rank. Therefore, you should take as many battles as you can at the very beginning. In addition, your status values rise when your units reach a higher rank. With increase rank, also increase the status values of the respective unit. You can see this in the detailed description of your fighters.

Total War: Warhammer: Ranking according to the motto "Quality over Quantity"

In addition, a high rank also ensures that your units have increased morale. This in turn makes them flee much later, than with a low morale. So set always on morality because you loose 5 fighters against 10 to 20 fighters of the same rank and the same faction in the escape. It is even possible that a unit that has reached the 3rd place, can even beat a hero or a commander (if he did not reach a high rank).

This means that a high ranking also affect other aspects in a positive way, because these factors thereby also increase:

- Increased unit number
- Higher status values
- Increased morale

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