Winds of Magic in Total War Warhammer - tips for mages

The magic is quite balanced and can thus countering some attack or give your army a decisive advantage in Total War Warhammer, How does the magic system works? Why are the magic sometimes stronger and sometimes weaker?

The different magicians have access to various teachers of magic, which can be expanded by own talent trees. Every teaching has six different spells. You have the opportunity to cast a risk spell. This can be much more effective, but also has a 50% chance to wound your mage.

Be careful with the roulette option

Although you have the opportunity to re-determine the initial value of the Winds of Magic randomly. However, you cannot only win but also lose. You should have more than 12 points but the risk is too high.

Take a maximum of two magicians with you

More than two magicians are more of a hindrance. Winds of Magic would become very stressed and you could hardly apply spontaneous and tactical spells. If wizards are unable to work magic, they are the most vulnerable sections of the game.

Don’t waste your points

While the spell can be very strong, but pay attention to whether an offensive spell is really advantageous if you just prefer magic only for defensive.

Pay attention to the map on the strength of the Winds of Magic

The Winds of Magic blow in each province, only their strength varies and may thereby have a strong difference in your forces. By attributes of your hero, the winds may increase or may be weakened. If your army of magic depends, you should make sure that the Winds of Magic blow cheap. Your magician can be very strong, but also very weak. As the winds can change significantly after a few laps, you should always keep in mind.

Knowledge is power

Vortex spells are very strong, but also unpredictable. If you have bad luck, they can harm your own troops.

On the battlefield, the characters use energy points by the winds of magic to cast spells. These are represented by the glass globe at the bottom right of the screen. In addition there is another bar, which represents the energy reserve. This does not fill up again. However, there are some magicians who can give the energy reserve a small boost.

When used properly, magic can bring a tremendous tactical advantage. For example you can set an enemy unit and then immediately cast a spell with AoE damage on them, which has a very high chance for success hit.

It's not about whether your spells are superior to the opponents, but that you have a good knowledge of how a new spell works and to which unit. Learn the individual doctrines of magic, because even if some similar magic, they still have different tactical orientations.

Not every group is inclined to the magic. The proud dwarfs cherish strong distrust of magic powers and rely purely on the power of runes. They also have a natural resistance to magic. Their ranks include Runesmiths which utilize powerful runes to reinforce the troops. In contrast to the winds of magic, the runes don’t lose energy in the course of the battle.

Example tactics - the Winds of Magic

The slowdown of stampeding Cavalry is a very powerful defensive spell that this unit type takes the most strength.

A very effective magic tactics, Vampire Counts, is the teaching of the vampires against ranged units. Run it as a risk that an enemy Ranged Cavalry to difficulties in adding skirmishers mode? (They bombard your units and flee always fast when your troops charge on them) Then you can directly summon zombies at the enemies. These now constitute the opponents and your remaining troops can give them the coup de grace.

This spell can also be used to summon the undead behind the ranks of your enemies, so that they come to them in the back and spread fear and terror.

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