7 Days to Die: how to increase Wellness

In 7 Days to Die, the value of "Wellness" shows practically the amount of your maximum stamina and health. This means that the status of these two values is determined by the Wellness. However, it may drop. In other words, just as it rises, it may also fall. These essential characteristics and Wellness you should keep in mind:

- In 7 Days to Die, you can increase Wellness, even if it is at 100, you can achieve a level of 200 bar.
- The Wellness may also decrease if you die, take wrong food or suffer a significant period of hunger and thirst.
- Perish, your Wellness is reduced by 10 points. Perish you often, Wellness could drop to 70. This value is not definitive because other circumstances (famine, etc.), may fall this number even lower. Then again, the Wellness is automatically increased again 70.

At the beginning of 7 Days to Die, it will difficult to increase the Wellness. Since you will only be busy again to keep it at all on 100. Read our Guide 7 Days to Die - Tips: Guide to survive in order to facilitate you the beginning of the adventure. Don’t let attack of zombies and use all your weapons, you should come to blow, because death is to be avoided. In addition, your Wellness will decline when you get too many hit from zombies.

You can also increase wellness by taking certain medicine. You have to get a campfire building and on preparing the food listed in the table, because that can increase your wellness in 7 Days to Die.

Increase / Decrease Welfare
Venison +1.6 •Water bottle (vessel is consumed)
•Raw meat
Bacon with eggs +1.0 •Egg
•Raw meat
Blueberry cake +0.8 •Blueberries
•Water bottle (vessel is consumed)
Cooked meat +0.8 •Water bottle (vessel is consumed)
•Raw meat
Grilled meat +0.8 •Raw meat
Charred meat +0.8 •Raw meat
Corn bred +0.4 •Water bottle (vessel is consumed)
Jar of honey +0.4 •Can only be acquired by looting.
Boiled egg +0.3 •Water bottle (vessel is consumed)
Red tea +0.2 •Bottle of water
•Chrysanthemum plant
Vegetable stew +0.1 •Water bottle (vessel is consumed)
Boiled corn on the cob +0.08 •Water bottle (vessel is consumed)

Below you will find a list of food that will reduce your wellness, so makes sure to avoid them.

Raw egg (-30!)
Raw meat (because it causes food poisoning)
Bottle turbid water

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