Android: set up Child Lock / restrict access to unwanted Apps

In Google Play Store, there are numerous apps that are not suitable for small children or teenagers. Among them are, for example: entertaining games or characters apps. But without device limitations you should not pass your Android smartphone or tablet on to your children.

Because with just a few steps you can download and install applications that are unsuitable for children. This can have serious consequences for young people.

In our guider we will show you how you can set up parental controls on your Android devices to prevent / restrict your children accessing unwanted apps.

Android Parental Control with Standard Tools

On Android you can indeed create new user profiles, but child protection function is not really suitable. Firstly, access rights can also restrict only on Android tablets. And secondly, the function of the settings can be easily levered again. You fix a specific screen. The fixed view can only be terminated by the unlock code of the smartphone.

Enable Screen Lock

- With the introduction of Android 5.0 Split screen, you can lock a specific screen and this can unlock only by using a code.

- In the "Settings" open "Security". Tap the function "Split screen" and activate the slider, so that it is highlighted in green.

- Get the app, which you want to lock, and open the Task Overview bottom right. Then tap the appropriate app listing on the needle icon to lock.

- To unlock you have to - depending on the device - the "overview" - or the "back" button and hold down and enter your unlock code.

Android: More effective Parental Control via App

The functions for child safety on Android devices are not entirely satisfactory. Better you can have the free app " Kids Place " set:

Restrict Unwanted App Access

- Open the Kids Place app on your smartphone, tap at the bottom of the screen to "Define a PIN" and specify the four-digit unlock code.

- Once you have you done that, you have to create a free account. Confirmed by clicking "Continue" 
at the bottom right, then you can "lock Home button" in the home menu.

- In the next step you can "Select applications for Kids Place". Set your apps, which may be used in safe mode. Select from the list and tap the top right "Finish".

- In the settings you can specify additional restrictions and make temporal boundaries.

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