Google Play: solutions for most common problems

The Google Play not only allows its users to download apps, but also music, e-books and movies. But not always the successor of Android Market operates smoothly. We give you fixes for the most common issues that you encounter with Google Play.

- No connection / Unable to connect
- Google Play does not load any more updates
- Google Play returns error 905
- Google Play returns error 491
- Authentication is Required
- Your problem is not listed?

Below you will find solutions to the most common problems that you encouter with Google's App Store.

No Connection / Unable to Connect

Google Play will loose the connection to the Internet and can not download more content or can not be opened? This can have several causes.

First, you should check your internet connection. Check the smartphone reception to see if there is a wireless connection.

If the Internet on your smartphone works smoothly, then close the Google Play completely (close your Android apps completely) and open app on new.

If this does not succeed, then start your smartphone again from scratch. If this does not help, then you should remove your Google account from your smartphone and set up a new one.

Still no results? The last option is to completely reset your smartphone to factory settings. Here you will lose all your data. So backup your data before you proceed.

Google Play does not load any more updates

Google Play declines to update your apps or purchased apps will not load? This can have several causes.

What kinds of errors can occur?

The two most common errors in app updates via the Google Play Store with "Error 920" and "Error RPC: AEC-0: S-5". The latter usually occurs when the Google Play store has new updates or an Android version is still fresh. An error message appears whenever the Google Play Store is trying to update your apps automatically or you initiated the download manually. You will find the message with the associated error code in the status bar. The list of apps to update remains unchanged. It may also happen that updates for a few apps work, but a part of your applications is still not updated.

- Checklist for update problems

Before you take drastic measures, you should initially check the following points:

- Be patient. Some problems are only temporary and disappear.
- Check your credit card details on the current status. Sign up for the desktop PC with your Google Wallet account. This point you only need to check if an error occurs after purchasing a paid app.
- Make sure that your phone is connected to a secure cellular or wireless network.
- Verify that your device and optionally the external SD card have enough available space.

Have you checked the above points and yet unsuccessful, then proceed as follows:

Clear cache and data of Google Play Store

The Google Play Store will store certain information on your smartphone or tablet. This allows you to delete manually. This will enable the Android app handy in the delivery status.

If you still haven’t succeeded, then the only remaining possibility is to reset the Smartphone.

Google Play returns error 905

When downloading content you get the message "Error 905".

The error 905 occurs especially when downloading larger files on Google Play. How you can solve this issue.

- Open the settings.
- Search "applications" and open the Application Manager.
- Here search the app "Google Play" and open.
- Now click "uninstall updates' button.
- Restart the device now.
- The problem should now be resolved.

If the error is still not resolved, you have the option to completely uninstall and then reinstall the Google Play Store. By now, the error should be definitively resolved.

Google Play returns error 491

If you encounter error message 491 when in use of Google Play, then the following fixes may help you to resolve it.

- First delete your Google account from your smartphone.
- Open the same account again on your smartphone.
- Open the settings.
- Select "Apps" from the menu.
- Select the "Google Play Store" app and press "Clear data" and "Clear Cache".
- Repeat these steps with the Apps "Google Services Framework" and "download manager".
- Then restart your Android smartphone.

Authentication is Required

You want to install an app, but the Google Play store shows the error message "authentication is required".

For this problem, there are several possible solutions. First check whether the Google Play is down. If it is not down, then try with deleting cache of the Google Play app. If this is not help, then you should remove your Google Account from the smartphone and re-set in port.

Your problem is not listed?

Your Google Play problem is not listed here? You encounter previously unknown errors? No problem. Let us know your issues with Google Play as a comment below and we will try to find a quick solution.

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