Battlefield 1: all available Weapons at a glance

In Battlefield 1, there are six different categories of weapons. Among them are shotguns, which will support you in melee. For the fight at long range, you have the sniper rifle. You may use the LMG for medium range combat. For good penetration semi-automatic weapons and sidearms complement your equipment in an emergency. The following list shows you the list of all available weapons in Battlefield 1.

Browing Auto 5 (Shotgun)
Remington Model 10 Trench (Shotgun)
Winchester Model 1897 Trench (Shotgun)
Beretta Model 1918 (MP)
Bergmann MP18 - Schmeisser (MP)
Madsen MG (LMG)
Luger Rifle (Rifle)
Remington Model 8 (Rifle)
Cei-Rigotti M1895 (Rifle)
Winchester M1907 SL (Rifle)
Martini Henry (Rifle)
Springfield M1903 (Rifle)
Lee Enfield MK III SMLE (Rifle)
Mauser 98 (Rifle)
Steyr-Mannlicher M1895 (Rifle)

Winchester M1895 (Rifle)
Webley-Fosbery Auto Revolver (Revolver)
Smith & Wesson Model 3 (Revolver)
Bodéo 1889 (Revolver)
British Bulldog (Revolver)
Frommer Stop (Pistol)
FN Model 1903 (Pistol)
Colt Pocket Hammerless (Pistol)
Mauser 1914 (Pistol)
Hummingbird (Pistol)
Borchardt C-93 (Pistol)
Mars Automatic Pistol (Gun)
Steyr M1912 (Pistol)
Beretta M1915 (Pistol)
Colt 1911 (Pistol)
Lancaster Pistol (Gun)
Luger P08 (Pistol)
Mauser C96 (Pistol)

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