Dead by Daylight: Skeleton Key / Add-ons benefits

In Dead by Daylight, you must farm various blood points to level up and get to get the maximum benefits of the game. Also you have a chance to collect very rare items that are waiting in your blood networks. The Skeleton Key is such a very rare item and you can unlock it at the earliest after reaching the 20th level. In fact, the blood web differs. Therefore, it may be under certain circumstances that it already constitutes the skeleton key rather in your hands.

The Skeleton Key in the pink square is probably one of the most sought items in Dead by Daylight, because it has a special feature that you cannot strengthen through add-ons, which you also unlock through the blood supply. The Skeleton Key has the following benefits:

- The Skeleton Key has a useful life of 30 seconds.
- It is compatible with 8 add-ons, but only a maximum of 2 can equip at the same time.
- You will lose your keys when you die and the killer cannot escape.
- Use the Skeleton Keys to open trap doors . So the key fits into the black door locks of the Hatch, the trap door.
- Nevertheless, you have to repair at least 2 generators on the map so that the trapdoor will appear on a hidden part.
- However, the key cannot ensure that a trapdoor appears in a certain place or location
- Only when you have the key, you can jump to fourth by the Hatch and the game, and the killer escaped. But even you can earn an achievement.
- The key you can also use the right add-ons from the Killer’s aura and other survivors show or to let feel.

The Skeleton Key and its Add-Ons

There are a total of 8 add-ons that you can combine it with the Skeleton Key, in order to strengthen it. However, only 2 of these add-ons for the Skeleton Key are simultaneously be equipped. You can find below the available add-ons and their effects on the master key:

- Prayer Rope: (usual / brown Item) - You can set key to 10 seconds longer use (stackable).
- Prayer Beads: (unusual / yellow Item) - You can set key to 15 seconds longer use (stackable).
- Scratched Pearl: (unusual / yellow Item) - This add-on is the width of the reading ability of an aura increases (stackable). Tip: The Pearl scratched works best in combination with the golden pendant or blood amber.
- Rusty Chain - Eroded token (unusual / yellow Item) - If other survivors in a radius of 24 meters to you, then you can see their auras.
- Golden Souvenir - Gold Token (rare / green Item) - You can see the aura of the survivors, if they are in a radius of 48 meters to you.
- Blood Amber - (very rare / purple Item) - You can see the aura of the killer, if he is in a radius of 32 meters to you. This addition moves the master key from a lot of energy.
- Milk Glass - (very rare / purple Item) - If you have this add-on, then you will not lose the key. If you have opened the trapdoor then you only lose the add-on.
- Woven Ring - (very rare / purple Item) - This add-on is great, because you don’t lose the Skeleton Key, when you die, but this add-on.

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