Google Play Store: 50 % discount on TV Shows / Series

Google attracts more customers with lucrative discount offers in its app and media store - Play Store. Currently, fans are invited to look at the Catalog - because at the moment the Play Store is offering current series with a 50 percent off.

50 percent discount on Series scales of your choice

The offer is valid until Thursday, 4 September. The redemption of the rebate is possible for only one series per Google account. The choices are among other various scales of the following series:

- Game of Thrones
- Big Bang Theory
- Pretty Little Liars
- The Simpsons
- Orange Is The New Black
- The Walking Dead
- Fear The Walking Dead
- Sons of Anarchy

The discount will be deducted during the checkout. You can find the products purchase from Google Play series on the Google Play Movies app for Android and iOS devices, on TV sets play on Chromebooks with Android TV OS.

On computers or laptops you can use the Web player to watch the series. Via Chromecast stick you can stream it to normal TV with corresponding content from the mobile device. An offline playback is only possible with Google Play Movies app, and with Chromebooks.

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