Hatching Egg: Pokémon Go - find the type of eggs to Incubate

Pokemon Go is the game that brings digital monsters for smartphones. Available for Android, iPhone and iPad ( iOS ), the game allows players to go into the world collecting all types of Pokémon. In addition to capturing the pocket monsters in the usual way by Poké Ball and players can also have new Pokémon from Hatching Eggs. If you know which Pokémon to hatch from which egg, then you can plan and targeted the hatching eggs in this way.

How to hatch eggs in Pokémon Go

If you know already how you can hatch an egg in Pokemon Go, then can you skip this paragraph and go directly to the list of Pokémon that show which pocket monsters you can hatch from which egg. Hatching works very simply. If you go to the PokéStops, then collect everything. There you will also find eggs. The breading machine / incubator is available at the very beginning of the game and you can use it repeatedly. If you want to hatch more than one egg at the same time, then either you have to buy another incubator as part of micro-transactions or earn new Level.

Once you have packed into it one egg, you have to start running it and hatch in this way the egg. There are three different types of eggs in Pokémon Go: 2 km, 5 km and 10 km. This number shows you how many kilometers have to run it to hatch this egg. Notice that their capacity provide better eggs that is why you also have to hatch the 2-km-eggs, because you can only carry a limited number with you. The shorter the distance, the weaker is the Pokémon that you will hatch from the egg.

Type of eggs to hatch

Here, we have compiled a list of all Pokémon, which you can hatch from an egg.

Hatch 2-km-eggs

For this you must run only 2 km, you will be rewarded with popular and easy Pokémon. The smallest eggs give you these pocket monsters:

- Bulbasaur
- Charmander
- Squirtle
- Pikachu
- Caterpie
- Weedle
- Pidgey
- Geodude
- Rattata
- Spearow
- Jigglypuff
- Clefairy
- Zubat
- Magikarp

Hatching eggs 5k

You could hatch a 5-km-egg, you will get a fairly rare Pokémon. The following pocket monster you get in a 5-km-egg:

- Ekans
- Sandan
- Nidoran
- Vulpix
- Oddish
- Growlithe
- Quapsel
- Bellsprout
- Tentacool
- Magnemite
- Porenta
- Grimer
- Shellder
- Krabby
- Voltorb
- Lickitung
- Koffing
- Kangama
- Seeper
- Tauros
- Paras
- Bluzuk
- Diglett
- Meowth
- Psyduck
- Menki
- Abra
- Machollo
- Ponita
- Slowpoke
- Dodu
- Seel
- Gastly
- Drowzee
- Owei
- Cubone
- Rihorn
- Tangela
- Goldini
- Staryu
- Porygon

Hatch 10K eggs

The rarest Pokémon you get from this egg. It's also not an easy game, needs to run 10 km. Our advice: Grab your dog or the neighbor’s dog and walk. It is important to keep an eye on your environment. The breading process will completed once you have completed 10 km and then you will receive one of the following Pokémon:

- Onix
- Hitmonlee
- Hitmonchan
- Chansey
- Mr. Mime
- Scyther
- Omanyte
- Kabuto
- Dratini
- Rossana
- Electabuzz
- Magmar
- Pinsir
- Lapras
- Eevee
- Aerodactyl
- Relaxo

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