Paragon: Iggy and Scorch: skill, abilities and strategy tips

Iggy & Scorch are an explosive duo who provides some noise in Paragon. By their appearance and short stature one tends to underestimate these madmen as opponents, but it is a big mistake.

Iggy & Scorch mainly caused damage, which is not directly visible. You should combine skills and abilities to achieve the maximum effect. Further advisable to act with the two Molotov cocktail. Especially in the Lanes, the two heroes are very strong, since their attacks make much splash damage. Paragon offers with Iggy & Scorch another very interesting hero choice.

Iggy & Scorch are strong Caster who deals with all kinds of fire attacks on the battlefield. They put on their fire attacks and cause so much damage over time. But of course they are not purely heroes but also have strong explosions in their skill Arsenal. When creating your card decks for Iggy & Scorch you should definitely focus on energy damage and mana.

Abilities and Skill

The little green Iggy flings with the normal attacks of the duo Molotov cocktails at the enemies. These cause surface damage and light the opponents. With the passive ability Ignite the enemies take in addition some damage over time.

Once the game begins, you should definitely focus on the Lanes with Iggy & Scorch. They cause a lot of damage to Minions with their skills and abilities. This you can either push the Lane as farms and a lot of EXP! As long as you don’t be defeated, it is a win-win situation for you and your team.

- Flame Turret: This flame Turret can use for both secure defensively, offensively and harm opponents too close to be in the fight. The Turret uses up fire, and therefore damage the enemies. Depending on the level you can set up the same one, two or three Turret.

- Oil Spill: You spill oil in a field, which can burn with your fire attacks.

- Oil Slick: You gain a small speed boost and draw a trace of oil behind you; which can also be ignited.

The ultimate capacity of Iggy & Scorch is Flame Belch. So you can stock up on flames an area in front of you. For this flamethrower Iggy feeding his companion with a delicious Molotov cocktail and Scorch spewing a strong fire wall. At the end of this ultimate ability enemies get large damage and knock them back

A good combination of skills is to first set up a few flames turret and wait for the opponents fall into the trap. Then Sprint with Oil Slick behind the enemy and charge with Oil Spill and Flame Belch. Most likely not much will remain of your opponents.

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