Paragon: Sparrow's skills and abilities guide

In Paragon, Sparrow is a very good choice for players who want to focus on a broad arsenal of skills, but good damage from physical attacks and less sophisticated equipment. This skillful archer is both a good team player and quite capable of defeating enemies alone with her high damage dealing. What you need to know about Sparrow and her skills and abilities, we show you in this guide.

When you decide for Sparrow, you can perform not only the role of supporter or Damage Dealing. There are more and more players to select their one tank deck. Armor and life energy should not be missed, but Sparrow’s greatest strength is still in her firepower. If you want to pursue in this path, then the fire is recommended as she is getting stronger with each bow shot.

Sparrow is unfortunately dependent on some other players and is by some support significantly better. You should steer clear of the jungle with her. Especially, in combination with Greystone she can represent much threat. Even if she is able to cause surface damage and damage to multiple enemies, it is advisable to fire with Sparrow on a single target. As for your deck, it is advisable to collect primarily physical damage and critical strike chance. Something extra life can also not damage and saves you from being a too easy target.

Abilities and Skills of Sparrow

The basic attack of Sparrow is Bow shot. Thus she shoots an arrow with a high damage to single targets. She is not particularly agile hero and has no escape skill, which is why you should take advantage of the protection of allies or the environment. Since most players especially at the beginning of a match have great respect suffered attacks, you can already there with your clout points. With her passive ability Strengthening Sparrow’s results are fitted to the same target from time to time with additional physical damage.

- Piercing Shot: Sparrow is slow and loads a powerful shot. If this fired, it pierces all opponents in a row. This ability does more damage when it is fully charged.

- Arrows through the roof: Sparrow performs a surface attack through the roof in which an area is covered with an arrow hail over time.

- Sparrow has no escape Skill!

The ultimate capacity of Sparrow is Inner Fire, in which Sparrow is enveloped in golden light and three arrows conical forward. These pierce the enemies and add effects of base-attack cards. As long as you positioned yourself in the fighting behind your tank, the enemies will not even realize what she has just defeated. From this position, you will run little risk. Use the right cards to achieve incredible damage but also don’t forget your attack speed, expand critical strike chance and some life.

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