Pokémon GO: catch new Pokémon using Rustling Leaves Footprints

Pokémon GO ensures respect of many functions continue for joyous guesswork. Especially the weird music on the map or the footprints function makes Pokémon Trainer curious. What is going on with the mysterious rustling leaves in Pokémon GO and how you can interpret them correctly and catch new Pokémon using the footprints?

The Rustling Leaves

Generally, the rustling leaves interpret the location of wild Pokémon. Here, a pile of leaves not necessarily guaranteed Pokémon: The leaves suggest only a higher probability for emerging Pokémon.

As mentioned earlier, you have an increased chance of capturing wild Pokémon in areas with rustling leaves. To increase your chance even further, for example you can lookout special places where emerge several piles of leaves. You go to this area and move for a few meters, in this way you have a higher chance of capturing pocket monster.

The Footprints

Another way to encounter new Pokémon in your area, are the footprints. These are displayed to you at the bottom right of the app. Depending on the number of the three tracks, a Pokémon is available in a radius of 100, 200 or 300 meters around you.

Currently the footprints are pretty but still flawed and are hardly suitable for the detection of Pokémon. Due to the so-called "3 Step Glitch" the number of tracks is always the same. Better you catch Monster contrast with special mapping tools, such as the Pokémon GO Live Map.

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