The Division Underground: Dragon's Nest Incursion tips

In The Division Underground: Dragon's Nest Incursion, you go to Hell's Kitchen, where you have to compete against the Group of the Cleaner. You want to eliminate the virus at all costs and have developed a new weapon for this. As you guessed already, you have to prepare yourselves for fire and flames, which pave the way to the Dragon's Nest.

Prerequisites for the Dragon's Nest Incursion
- Mind. Level 30
- Mind. Gear Score 160
- Mission General Assembly to conclude

Tunnel systems
- Generate randomly

Team play
- Provide a balanced group

Duration of the assault
- Approximately 15 to 20 min.

Tips and Tactics to Succeed in Dragon's Nest

- Before you kill the stronger opponent, you should get rid of the weaker ones. They are straight forward and will not disturb you in the fight against the big ones.
- When you arrived on the roof, you have to concentrate, because here the fun really begins. Until then, the Dragon's Nest Incursion should have been no problem. Nevertheless, it is even more complicated, when you encounter their individual intermediate bosses in the underground garage.
- Once you get into the room where you encounter a small robot, which distribute fire on the floor, you should try to defeat this cleaner as soon as possible. This little robot can be fatal.
- Don’t let your opponents surround you, because it is hard to escape the fire, when it comes from all directions.

- As soon as the four horsemen of the apocalypse arise, you can prepare on another small fire vehicle. Once you hit four Cleaner, you will be overrun by other robots. Defeat all four in quick succession would be dangerous, so initially clean your environment, and then you concentrate on the next.
- Take enough with auxiliary items so that you can heal you constantly. You will swim in a sea of fire and that is certainly not healthy.
- One of the Horsemen of the Apocalypse, Death, can be numb by headshots, so you have more time for other messengers of the apocalypse.
- After this battle, it goes to the last battle. In this you have to face a fire truck, which is somewhat similar to tank from the lost encroachment Falcon. The zones, cover with fire, are shown as big red circles on the floor. Run from these areas as fast as you can.
- Try not even to get close to the truck, because it will knock you down quickly and its melee attack is very powerful.
- Here at last a good team is advantageous because you must activate eight switches which operate the water tanks - two mount opposite each other at the same time - that's the challenge.
- After you have activated most of the switches, the fight goes to the next stage and the Truck and his little Robo-pyromaniac give everything to stop your success.

The Division - Dragon's Nest Incursion: Rewards for Hard Mode

The above tips and tactics to succeed in Dragon's Nest Incursion are certainly not the only ones and once you have completed your mission successfully you will be rewarded with the following:

- 33,000 Credits
- 50 Phoenix Credits
- 1x High-end Weapon
- 1x Piece of Equipment

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