The Technomancer: attributes guide

In The Technomancer, the attributes have three important tasks. They increase the damage that caused to achieve them and increase your resilience and also the chance to critical hits during battle. It is also dependent on the attributes which equipment that your character Zach can carry.

In The Technomancer you have the following attributes:

- Strength
- Agility
- Power
- Constitution

Use the power for example to carry more armor and better weapons. However, if you prefer to rely on strength, then you follow the actual route of Technomancers and have the opportunity to equip more effective gloves that enhance the effect of your electric forces.

In order to assign the attributes, you must of course collect experience points. This works over the next Level. With their help, you can then bring the attributes in each 5 levels up to its maximum level.

In addition, the attributes influence each one of the four fighting styles, the game has to offer:

Warrior style: Strength - melee
Guardian Style: Endurance shield fighters
Rogue Style: Dexterity fighter with sword and pistol
Technomancer Style: force - battle mages

Therefore, you should consider in advance what role you prefer. In our beginner's guide we describe the fighting styles in more detail. Here we show you the attributes and their effects:


Fighters should expand this attribute, because it is necessary to carry powerful weapons and armor.

- You raise your damage by melee attacks by +1
- The chance of an interruption by melee increased by + 2%


If you build fluency, then increase your chance of secondary or critical effects. Rogue should prefer this attributes.

- Your chance to critically hit weapons increased by + 1%
- Your chance to critically hit with spells increased by + 2%
- The chance of poisoning, impulse and knocking the enemy increases by + 1%.


The attribute force ensures that reinforces your spells and allows you to even do these magical powers often. You will be a real Technomancer. You need the attribute to carry Technomancer Armor, such as gloves.

- Your energy generation increases by + 10%
- The damage you trigger by Technomancer spells increased by +2


The endurance increases your resistance to attacks. You can withstand the more hits. Guardian should opt for this attribute.

- Your Maximum health increased by +10
- The resistance to disruption increases by + 4%
- Your maximum load increased by +

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