Fallout 4 Vault-Tec Workshop The Water Hole guide

New expansion to Fallout 4, Vault-Tec Workshop brings you new quests and including the mission "The water hole", under which you must find chemical formulas. The location of these chemical formulas can be found in the building Hallucigen Inc.

Presumably you are a long time with Fallout 4 and you have already discovered Vault 114. Nearby you will also find the building Hallucigen, Inc., in which you will find the chemical formulas. So go to bunker 114 and from there walk few steps to the location of Quest note.

- Run left and at the counter go down the stairs. At the end of the corridor to the left through the door and then subsequently through the door behind the lockers.

- Go through the opening and follow the spill transition into the next room. There you go through the only door that is not spill on.

- Climb left on the sunken gear up and follow the hallway to the next room and go through the left door to the next gear - turn immediately right.

- Go straight into the aisle in the room at the end where you will find a staircase right. Follow the steps to the upper floor.

- Once at the top you turn into the space on the left and go transversely through it to the opposite door.

- Go through this door and go down the hall to the right. You will discover a slope – go down, and don’t stay too long there, because there you get something from RAD.

- Go through the door in this room and turn right to the door.

- Here you will find a ramp that you must climb. Once at the top you walk along the railing and turn the corner in the left door.

- Follow the stairs to the top, go through the door and then down the hall through the door on the right.

- Here you turn left and walk up the stairs, you need to walk down until you cannot go further.

- In the space left you will find a first-aid kit and your journey continues. Go through the door and turn right.

- Then go through the door in front of you through and then left through the hole in the wall.

- Follow the corridor to the next room, where you will find a terminal. Activate the decontamination to avoid harm from the toxic gases in the next room.

Now follow the opposite door into the next room - you have the quest item of "The Waterhole".
Cross the room in the direction of the target marker and open the box, in which you will find the chemical formulas - Vault-Tec would be proud of you. You need this to build vending machine.

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