Layers of Fear Inheritance Once Upon a Time Achievement guide

In Layers of Fear: Inheritance, you have to travel to the Wonderland where you will come a cross big bad wolf and Little Red Riding Hood. On your way through this world and search for Once Upon a Time you will also encounter evil serpent. This you can kill to get the serpent sword as reward. Follow our guide to find out how this works.

- If you have entered the house, you have to get into the studio. This is located behind the first door on the left.

- Go to the dresser and triggers a childhood memory that brings you to the sequence in which you should draw a picture of your father.

- So you get into the Wonderland, you have to get the crayon and not the paint brush. Use this with the screen and you will be sent in colorful and creepy world.

- Look around on the floor and look for the way out (see figure below).

- Follow this until you come to a small puppet theater. Here you have to interact with the curtain and you see the first part of the story of Little Red Riding Hood.

- After the sequence you will return to the easel and run the next route along (see picture below).

- Run until you come to the warning sign with a Serpent on it. Right next to it you can take the yellow crayon.

- Now go back to the easel and use this pen on the screen, so that the world again changed a bit.

- From here you follow now the third route (see figure below), which leads you directly to the next stage. Here you watch now the second part of the story of Little - Red Riding Hood.

- Now, go back to the easel and take the next road (see picture below) to get ahead. At the junction you walk to the right and follow this road continue until you come to a tree house.

- Interact with the house and look at the scene. Are you arrived back down, you can collect the last, red crayon. Return to the easel and applies this to the image.

- Follow again the route with the star and return to the puppet theater and at the end, you will see a change and unlock the Once Upon a Time Achievement.

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