Mystery Augs guide Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, After you arrived in Prague, you have to take care of your augmentations. For this, you must find Koller, who is practically the specialist for your implants.

Your first task as part of the side mission SM 03 is to talk to Sarif. This is quite simple: You go back to your apartment and grab the remote control from the table. Select SARIF CALL option and listen to the conversation. Sarif seems to know nothing of the inactive Augs and he is visibly surprised. In the history to Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Sarif has been working on a secret augmentation called Titan and this was apparently installed by Orlov. Sarif promises that he will track Orlov, but may take some time. Actually, you have to play the main missions and wait until Sarif call you back again. This happens only when you have completed seventh main mission.

Once Sarif calls you back, he tells you that Vadim Orlov is in Prague and has been for six months. Sarif tells you the address of the scientist and task you to search his apartment for clues.

- Follow the signpost to the small backyard, from which you can get into the apartment of the scientist.

- Here you have to climb up using the dustbins.

- Once you have entered the apartment, you will find the corpse of Orlov. Again Sarif will call you while you searched the apartment.

- First search the body of the victim, because here you can find an access card for the Medical vault of Tai Yong in Palisade Property Bank.

- Hack the laptop of Orlov and learn why the scientists came to Prague and what may have happened to him.

- The most important thing is that you open the safe on the wall - the password for this is 3608

- Grab the report and the breach software, which can be found in it and leave the apartment.

- Now, wait until Sarif calls you again.

- Once Sarif has called you, you have to describe the side mission.

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