No Man's Sky: expand inventory and create more slots

In No Man's Sky, huge amounts of resources await and you have to accommodate all these in your inventory. You will feel the need to increase your inventory and to add more slots quickly.

Now, your journey starts and on the first planet you already noticed that your inventory is full. No problem, you can increase the number of slots. The more resources you take, the more you can also sell and thereby obtain units quickly.

To expand your inventory in No Man's Sky, you have to find a signal scanner. This leads you to bounce capsules which will provide you with upgrades. Of course you have the possibility to carry out other options, but we recommend you to expand your inventory quickly. Here’s how to expand your inventory

- Get off your first planet not just after your ship has repaired. Make your way instead on the search for a signal scanner.

- Collect 10 plutonium and 10 iron and craft a Bypass Chip.

- A signal scanner can be found mostly in the vicinity of an outpost or a base and you can recognize it with an orange laser beam which leads to sky.

- With the bypass chip you can now activate the signal scanner and have the choice between four signals - decide for shelter to expand your inventory.

- Now a drop zone appears, or you receive a mark where it is found.

- Step into escape pod and get the blue hologram - your inventory increases by another slot.

- The first time, the entire event is free for you, the second time you have to spend just 10,000 units and the sum increases with each subsequent upgrade of the inventory.

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