No Man's Sky: Find Elements and Resources, function guide

There are a variety of elements and resources available to you In No Man's Sky. In addition to all the variety of elements and resources, there are five main categories of searchable materials. These are Neutral, Silicates, Isotopes, Oxides and Precious. Each category has its own capabilities and values. Especially the rare Precious elements can replenish your account units strong. Furthermore, the elements can also be combined with each other.

Neutral Elements

You can combine neutral elements with others such as silicone and have a great way to quickly earn a few units by selling it. There are plenty of them at the beginning, so they can fill your wallet. The color coding for the neutral elements is green.

- Nickel: This item can be found on each planet and is usually depicted as a silver-white metal. Sell it in the Galactic Trade Network or use it for critical components.
- Gold: Gold can be found in rocks on many planets and can sell to distributors or even give away. It has a decorative utility, which can enhance your reputation well in other species.
- Copper: This versatile metal can be found both on most planets as well as in almost every merchant. .
- Aluminum is also a very versatile element with a wide range of application areas. You can get good prices at dealers for aluminum.
- Emeril: This element can reduce the radiation suffer. Furthermore, it is very popular with dealers because it is needed for the construction of outposts.
- Iridium: Iridium you have a more sought-after item from stores. You can make many units and remove it from rocks. Moreover, it is for the construction of the V2 cooling system and collision damage V1.

Isotope Elements

Isotopes can extract mainly from natural sources. Search plants or crystals and you will be able to collect these materials to replenish your exo-suit. They are also helpful for fuels or Crafting. The color mark of the isotope is red and they can be found on all planets with an existing flora.

- Carbon: A key material for filling up your multi-tool and the exo-suit. You can get this important element for life preservation of plants, trees or other vegetation types and use, among other things for the production of reinforcing combat V1 or range boosts V1.
- Thamium9: Thamium9 is also used for charging of excavation tools. Even weapons and support systems draw on this raw material, which is obtained from red plants or asteroid. In addition to upgrades for the hyperdrive, Thamium9 also finds use in the production of range Boost V1, Warp cells and the phase beam.
- Plutonium: This element is very useful and very energetic. With plutonium you can produce a lot of different things at the same time and fill your complete equipment.

Oxide Elements

With oxide elements you can promote your journey in various ways through the galaxy. Especially for the filling of your exo-suit, and as fuel for your spacecraft in No Man's Sky.

- Iron: One of the first items that you will find in your exploration. Even the repair of your initial vessel requires iron and thereby makes clear that it will accompany you in all kinds of repairs to the Galaxy. Nearly every rock contains iron and can be found quickly and in high numbers.
- Zinc: This element can be primarily find in the yellow flowers on the planet's surface.
- Titanium: Titanium is needed for crafting and can be found in yellow crystal formations.
- Sulfur: Although it sounds strange, but with sulfur you can provide a feast to Gek.

Silicate Elements

You can combine these elements with other objects for crafting. Search a planet, you find the silicate deposits with blue markings. To make the destroyed parts of your spaceship, for example, search Heridium, so you can leave the planet again. They are still the basic building blocks for advanced technologies.

- Heridium: This silicate can craft components and thus it is very important for your discovery of the galaxy. You can find Heridium both on the planet's surface and in caves. - Silicone: This item can craft your tools and recharge your shields. In combination with other materials you can make a hyperdrive, Disruptor or lockup chip.
- Platinum: Can craft a very strong element with its top quality components of spaceships or exo-suits. You will encounter Platinum In many building plans and you can find it especially in the blue vegetation. A few examples of the potential applications are: The Jetpack, impact damage, Tau.
- Chrysonite: Also a very valuable and powerful element, which can obstruct in numerous advanced technologies. Search for blue plants and crystals.

Precious Elements

They are very high quality and you must decide whether you use these treasures yourself or sell for much money. If your scan shows this purple diamond symbols, then you should definitely try to get it. You can also feed species and they may give you one of these elements as a gift. Beside that you have to purchase these materials for a lot of money on the galactic market.

- Radnox: This mysterious material is a very valuable chemical resource and can be found with luck in floating cliff. You can find Radnox on planets with extreme circumstances and Sentinels are very attentive
- Potassium: A very rare element, which you can receive from creatures or buy it from the market.
- Omegon: Dark Matter elements with incredibly high energy that has not been really explored. It is incredibly hard to find and therefore it will often be easier to purchase it from merchants.

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