No Man's Sky: weapons - technologies, upgrades and crafting

Among the basic things of the gameplay in No Man's Sky are probably the benefits of weapons in the fight. Roughly speaking, there are 4 weapons types in No Man's Sky, and they can be broken down as follows:

Hand weapons:

Multi tool
Hand laser
Mine laser
Wide Beam Adapter V1
Beam Amplifier
Loading cylinder

Named weapons:

Odvinsko Iayi V7.28
Rezosu Z65

Spaceship weapons:

Photon cannon
Phase beam

Weapons technologies:

Grenades technology
Laser technology
Projectile technology
Scan technology

Weapons technologies - weapons upgrade using the multi tool

You can use the multi-tools to upgrade your weapons and converted to special weapons. However, you should know that it's not so simple to switch back and forth between the weapon and the multi-tool. You will have the original multi-tool back again, because you need it for something else, then you must first remove all weapon upgrades thereof. You can also take with you only a multi-tool. Incidentally, your spaceship also has the possibility of upgrading method.

Hand weapons allow you to install weapons technologies and ammunition clips. There are already 4 main areas:

- Laser
- Projectile
- Grenades
- Scan

On your multi-tool upgrade panel each of these areas is represented with a symbol, each one is surrounded by several circles. These circles fill up gradually as soon as you equip weapons technologies.

The following list enumerates all multi-tools that No Man's Sky hitherto has in store for you:

- Bowcaster: This energy projectile weapon can kill your opponents. Charge is a tremendous pitcher with isotopic elements such as carbon.
- Beam Intensifier Sigma: With this multi-tool you can strengthen your standard mining laser weapon and then can destroy the terrain much faster.
- Beam focus Sigma: You can get the resources such as rocks, crystals or plants much faster when you using the mining beam.
- Reload accelerant Sigma: This multi-tool can accelerate your Bolt caster reload time because you shortened its recharge time.
- Plasma Launcher: This is a multi-tool technology upgrade. But you must first explore the Land disruptor technology, because then you can excavation with your tools or enable an alternate fire mode: Thus the weapon can then fire the plasma projectiles called "Explosive Disruption Grenades". These explode on impact with the ground. You can change the normal firing mode of the plasma launcher at any time.

Spaceship weapons upgrades

In your spaceship you have two weapons available: the Photon Cannon and the Phase Beam. Even with these weapons you can miss an upgrade, because you will need strong arms, if you want to defend yourself against space pirates and destroy asteroids. Then you want to equip new weapons technologies

- Open your spaceship inventory.
- Go into the second slot-number, where you will find the weapons and shield systems.
- Take the pointer over a free slot and open the gear icon from the menu screen with the weapons technologies.

These weapons technologies are available in the spaceship weapons:

- Accelerated fires Tau - increase the rate of fire of the Photon Cannon
- Cannon damage Tau - increase the rate of fire
- Phase beam - This is the standard laser weapon when you want to destroy asteroid or opponents. In addition, you can also harvest minerals and other resources with this weapon.

Once you have fitted the weapons technologies, this way function automatically. To change the weapon mode, on your keyboard, press the "x" key and then you can see your ammo in the upper right corner, then press again "x" and you can see the multi-tool.

Crafting your weapons

It is important that you start collecting resources at the very beginning of No Man's Sky in your first explorations, there's no tomorrow - which is just one of the tips for the beginners. To extract them you need to reach rocks or plants. If you have been made ready your multi-tool and mining lamps then you can also use them to extract resources naturally. In addition to crafting, you also need resources for repair.

If you are going to craft your weapons, then you should search particularly iron and plutonium. Iron is widely used, so you can find it on almost every stone. However, the plutonium is rarely represented. You should search on the ground for red crystals, they are usually the rare plutonium. Once you have gathered certain number in iron and plutonium, then you can go as follows for crafting:

- Open your inventory and select her from the tab for the multi-tool.
- Move your mouse cursor to empty slots with the gear icon. Click, then you should open a selection of technologies that you can apply on your multi-tool.
- To add a weapon to crafting, you have to "projectile" select or add "grenade".
- Probably you will have the necessary amount of minerals forge or continue to collect, as it appears in your menu.
- If you have collected the right amount of resources, then you can quickly and easily craft bow caster. This weapon does a good job against hostile life forms. But in further course of the game this weapon is no longer sufficient and you have to access bigger guns.

Moreover, you will need many units, so that you can also upgrade as soon as possible.

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