Starbound 1.0: Armor crafting guide

If you have the feeling that you take too much damage now when attacking various monsters and creatures, then you are in the predicament that you desperately needed a reasonable defense. This means that the time has come, where you need to you to craft your first armor in Starbound. Now you have to get familiarize with the crafting system and some manufacture of equipment.

First Armor crafting - Step 1: The Inventor's Table

The basic armor of iron you can craft early in the game. With this armor you can make your game much easier. In addition, you have nothing to lose, you have to learn sometime the crafting system of Starbound.

You must visit the first crafting station for making your first armor, it is the inventor's Table. This first craft table can be established via the base-crafting menu that you can access by default. You create it with your bare hands and can also upgrade it later. Just click on the icon of the Inventor's Tables or press on "C", to look for it.

To crafting the first craft table, you need the following materials:

4x Wooden logs (logs)
12x Timber - Requires 3x complete Timber

Once you have crafted the Inventor's table and place it at a corresponding location, pressing on "E" to interact with the station. Now, you will have access to all its blueprints.

Learn crafting system - Step 2: The Primitive Furnace

If you need your next tool the primitive furnace. You can craft it using the first crafting station, and that requires:

20x Cobblestone (cobblestone)
4x Mud (Clay)
1x Campfire - For this you need 4x Wooden logs and 1x Torch (Torch → 1x Wooden Log + 1x Coal (carbon))

In the next step you must produce an anvil, which can also craft using the Inventor's Table. For it you need Iron bars, use primitive furnace to make them.

If you have already collected iron ore, then the right opportunity has come to process these in the furnace and turn it into iron bars. You need 8 Iron Bar to initially craft the anvil in the next step and the following step 10 additional iron bars, so you can craft 3 pieces iron armor.

Learn crafting system - Step 3: The Anvil

You need this station to turn your bars in actual usable items and so ultimately crafting your armor. At the beginning of Starbound you need a lot of iron ore. To produce an anvil, you need:

8x Iron bars - produce with the stove, you need 16x Iron Ore
20x Timber - Requires 4x Wooden Logs
1x Wooden Logs

Learn crafting system - Step 4: The Spinning Wheel

The spinning wheel ensures softer material, ie Woven Fabric and strings, which you need to decorate your first armor. To crafting the spinning wheel, you will need:

40x Timber - produce from 8x Wooden Logs
5x Cobblestone
1x Rope - Requires 2x Plant Fibre

To create the three-piece armor set, you need 10x Woven Fabric and 1x String.

Learn crafting system: Step 5 - Crafting your first armor set

Finally it's done, you have reached the final step, if you have come this far and have produced all necessary crafting stations. Then the parts consist of armor are all very easy to craft:

The body / chest
The head
The legs

In unpolished state you need for your armor as base materials 20x iron ore and 50x plant fibres to produce all three parts of the set.

For the breastplate you need the following resource:

5x Iron Bars
5x Woven Fabric
1x String

For the head part you need:

3x Iron Bars
5x Woven Fabric

And finally, for your legs armor:

2x Iron Bars
2x Woven Fabric

For crafting of iron bars you have to use the Primitive Furnace and for producing the woven fabric and the cords you use the Spinning Wheel.

Now you have your first armor in the set. This armor has the following values:

Damage / Attack
Breastplate+ 25% + 12.5 + 5 + 5
Head + 15% + 7.5 + 3 + 3
Legs + 10% + 5 + 2 + 2

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