The King of Fighters XIV (KOF 14) beginner's guide

The King of Fighters XIV (KOF 14) has released exclusively to the PS4 and comes with very classic gameplay system, recalling much what was seen in older games in the KOF series. Battles trio are back, as well as Kuyo, Iori, Mai, Terry, Joe, and other popular characters.

Main Menu

Very polished and of course the main game menu keeps a few secrets. In "History", the player is invited to play the game story, as the name says, but without many "frills". There is a well-developed plot and you can play with closed or custom triads.

The way "Versus" mode guard the common fight between two players, while other modes offer different options: "Mission" presents challenges that must be met with special moves and the game as "Online" is, of course, where we face other users around the world via the Internet.

Trio or Duel?

As in any other King of Fighters, the new chapter can play in trios or duels the options "Vs. Team "or" Duel." The first option is the most classic and available since the second game of the series.

The second option is that for faster fights, with one character from each side, and works more to test the scams and know the fighter or fighter before catching a closed trio.

Online Mode

The online menu of KOF 14 can be a bit confusing. There are "Classified Matches", worth ranking and also "free Departure," which is just for fun. But the "Online Training" is the big news, and the opportunity to watch matches on the "Live".

Our advice to beginners is to stare free games before venturing into the ranks of any game, especially fighting. If you prefer, online train with a trusted friend, to experience strokes and characters.

Online Room

The rooms of KoF 14 operate in a similar way to a room where the game would be rolling, for example. Each fighter photo is a player or a player in the "lobby", ready to take a fight or just watch.

You can play various types of online game in the same room as the list below shows the photos. Select your favorite fight and challenge others who are presented. A small internal ranking will be built up, but is only for those who are currently there.

General Game

There are not many secrets in KoF 14. When you start the fight, the winner will win the first opponent, and for that you must use combos, special and different throws and of course defend yourself whenever possible.

In addition to the energy bar, there is the defense bar, which is limited according to the blows that we take as advocate, and even the good old special bar which is filled with scams and can be used to release the most powerful blows or be "blown off" for more devastating effects.


Like any modern fighting game worth its salt in KOF 14 the player can pause during fights that are not online and check the character commands - the main blows, special, super special, throws and more.

KOF 14 is a game that has many blows on each fighter, so it's a good idea to always play with the same character in the main events, so you can record more easily what it does and its possibilities.

Attack and Defense

The weak punch scheme, weak kick, strong punch and shot greatly facilitates the gameplay KOF 14, about to be even simpler than other fighting games like Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat 5 X.

Go in search of victory and play repeatedly story mode to unlock more content in art gallery, complete 100% of the game and still be in good shape to face online opponents.

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