Unlock Sword Of The Serpent in Layers of Fear: Inheritance

Layers of Fear: Inheritance brings you new achievements, including the Sword Of The Serpent. The description does not reveal enough to find out what this sword at all it is a secret, so you find out only when you have unlocked the achievement.

Probably you know the story of King Arthur and the sword Excalibur? Then you also know your problem, because the sword stuck in a stone. In this guide, we show you where you can find the Sword Of The Serpent and how you can get it.

- Once the childhood memory starts, you see yourself standing in front of an easel and you can decide between a brush and a crayon. Select the - child's Brush - the crayon.

- Use the stylus to the screen and ignore the father. You will put in the fairy world.

- Behind the screen is a red lever. Follow the marked path (see picture below).

- You arrive at a sign on which a snake is sited and including DANGER sign. To the right of this sign a yellow crayon can be found, right next to the words LET ME OUT.

- Run back to the painting and turn the yellow crayon on. The image and the world around you a little and left changed the stone with the sword appears behind the easel. Yet, you cannot pull it out.

- Gather now, to the great delight of your father, the brush, and applies it against the canvas. You will send into a different world, where you have to find the red color. Turn around from the image to the rear and walk through the door on the right of you.

- Power (do not turn right) a small detour to the right and run short of the toppled cabinet to the left (see figure below). At the end of the corridor you'll find the color red.

- Go back to the image and apply the red color. Next, you have the black color.

- Return to the easel and turn the image to the black color. Then you go to the chair right off the easel and check out the drawing on the bottom. Now apply black crayon to the canvas.

- You will return back into the fairytale world and are now able to draw the sword from the stone serpent. It is slow, but with a little patience you will succeed.

- Now you need only to keep look for the queue. Before you kill the monster an encounter.

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