10 Best PES 2017 Players

Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 is the latest title of the long lived football franchise from Konami. The game has high end graphics, unprecedented realism and provides detailed versions of all the football stars in the world. When evaluating their attributes, some players stand out for very high numbers. Here we have listed the top 10 highest rated players in the game.

In addition to Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi, the list has new appearances, as Higuaín and Pogba. Check out the top 10 players in PES 2017.

Lionel Messi

The Argentine takes off with the top player of PES 2017. With 94 overall points, Messi is a machine for making goals, thanks to his speed, skill and finishing.

Luis Suarez

For the first time in the Top 3 of the game Konami, the Uruguayan joins Messi to form the most feared striker of recent times. Tall, strong and full of offensive qualities, Suarez is the best game area man.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Although keep in good phase for years in a row, the Portuguese Real Madrid dropped to third place. With 92 points overall, the attacker still causes chills in opponents with his speed and quality with the ball at his feet.


Neymar led the Brazil team winn the Olympic gold, and comes to PES 2017 with better numbers than ever. Very agile and dribbler, the Barcelona striker is extremely dangerous in the game, both the ability and by good kick with both legs.

Thiago Silva

Although not included in the convocations of the Brazilian team, Thiago Silva continues with prestige and appears as the best defender of the whole game. With 91 points, the defender is excellent in marking and also supports the attack with a lot of quality.

Manuel Neuer

Bayern Munich goalkeeper and Germany, Neuer is considered as the best goalkeeper in the world, and the fame does not go blank in PES 2017. With ace status, the German is worth a fortune in Master League mode

G. Stegers (Lewandowski)

Despite the licensing issues with the name of the Polish playmaker, no. 9 of Bayern Munich is the seventh best player of PES 2017. With powerful and accurate shots and optimal positioning, the attacker ensures many goals, either on the ground or in the air.

Sergio Agüero

Manchester City’s Main player, the Argentine is very highly rated in the new version of Konami simulator. With 89 points, Agüero combines the qualities of a good striker, such as speed, agility, good dribbling and precise kick.

Paul Pogba

New star of Manchester United, the Frenchman impresses football fans with the quality and versatility, which have been translated into incredible attributes in PES 2017. Best player position, Pogba can attack, defend and help the team.


After moving to Juventus, the attacker gained even more prominence, and now ranks among the best of PES 2017. Aggressive and efficient, Higuain is one of the best choices for the offensive sector in the game.

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