Destiny Rise of Iron: how to Farm / Use Splicer Keys

Rise of Iron, the expansion of Destiny bring some new items including the Splicer Keys that are important for you, if you are traveling on the earth. You can open with them not only chests or other locks, but also you can start quests with their aid or into the PvE Arena.

Even if you want to get hold of the most powerful rocket launcher in the game - the Gjallarhorn - then you definitely need a Splicer Key, because without it you can not open the laser-grid or start the Gjallarhorn Quest. In the plague lands spawn periodically witch, or so-called brood mothers that make the Splicer Key fall as a drop. Kill them would be a way to get to these items. But we still have a very different farming method for you.

Usage of Splicer Key

Splicer Keys are valuable in many ways in Destiny: Rise of the Iron. They have different purposes:

- Starting Quests

- Opening chests or obstructed paths, for example, various grid - chests you often find on your forays through the plague lands when you're on patrol

- Entering the PvE arena of Archon’s forge - If you die here and you will not revived by one of your friends, then you need a Splicer Key to unlock the terminal to return to the Arena

In Destiny Rise of Iron, you can have a maximum 3 characters. Each of these characters can carry only 10 Splicer Keys and altogether can posses a maximum of 40 Splicer Keys at the same time. And these 40 Splicer Keys you can farm at once. You need about an hour for it.

Farm a Lot of Splicer Keys

As previously mentioned Splicer Keys drop especially by enemies such as Brood mothers.

Brood enemies are recognizable by their yellow energy bar. They appear in the plague lands during patrols. The area where they spawn must be unlocked first. Once you start the new expansion Rise of Iron, you could have the first campaign missions to complete. After that, you can proceed as follows to farm Splicer Keys:

You encounter a Brood enemy in the infested land directly after the spawn area. You should kill her because here you’ll certainly get a Splicer Keys. It is sufficient if you inflict only some damage to the brood mother, so you have not set the final shot. It is even simpler in a fire team of three custodians. Here must cause only a damage and all members get the key.

Once you have defeated you enemy at the first spawn, return to orbit and repeat the process again.

Sometimes it may be that the breeding enemy was just killed and has not yet spawned again. Then simply go back to orbit and try again. This is faster than waiting for the respawn entering again after about three minutes.

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