Tips for finding Skeleton Keys in Destiny: Rise of Iron

Rise of Iron, the latest DLC for Destiny brings new item called ‘Skeleton Keys’ with them you can open certain chests that appear only when the boss is done at the end of the strike. Corresponding keys are in high demand because the loot chests may contain exclusive and Strike-grade weapons and armor.

General tips for farming Skeleton Keys

- Your first skeleton key you get after completion of Kovik’s Sin and Shiro’s "None Are Perfect" missions, you will need this Skeleton key to get the Year 3 Thorn!

- Other Skeleton Keys are random awards of Strike bosses.

- Play Strikes - but only on the newly added SIVA-Strike playlist (recommended light level: 320). You can find the playlist on upper right point "vanguard" select the main screen / Director Mode

- Basically, the drop chance for Skeleton Key seems bad. Players report that they had to put about 15 Strike bosses until they have received a Key.

- If it’s the SIVA-Strike playlist in heroic mode (recommended light level: 350) or equal make Twilight Strike.

- Save your collected skeleton keys. Keys can be stacked in the inventory.

- The light value Strike brings specific rewards based apparently on current light value of your guardian. The highest light value of captured equipment is currently at 385.

The following table tells you which particular Loot may appear in the boxes of different strikes. They should serve you to select what loot you have already or want to have, and therefore use the skeleton key.

Please note that the guide is still under construction. As soon as new information comes to light, we will update this article accordingly.

Place / Location
Special Loot
Devil’s Lair- Earth -
Summoning Pits - Moon -
The Nexus-Venus -
Winter's Run - Venus Stolen Will (Shotgun)
Cerberus Vae III-Mars Threads Upon Star;(Scout Rifle)
The dust Palace - Mars Threads Upon Star (Scout Rifle),Void Flayer Mantle (Hunter), Solar Flayer Mantle(Hunter)
The will of CrotaDevil’s Lair;Earth Grasp of Malok (Pulse Rifle), Omnigul Bond (Warlock)
Undying Mind Devil’s Lair Mars Imago loop (handgun), Mark of the Undying Mind (Titan)

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