New Dead Ghost locations: Destiny Rise of Iron

With the latest expansion Rise of Iron for the first-person shooter video game Destiny: new dead ghost come into play.

Dead Ghosts you already know from the main game and from the previously released expansions. Therefore, Rise of Iron continues the search and this time you are doing in the crucible. Yes, you read that right. All new dead ghost find exclusively in PvP range of Destiny.

In Rise of Iron, you’ll get 27 new dead ghosts that you must first of all. For each of these revitalized floating "star" you get five Grimoire points. To get specific bonuses you must collect all Grimmoire cards. You will provide with background information and can submit your statistics to Destiny members. Achieve certain ranks by kills with a specific weapon; you will be rewarded with permanent boosts. On the back of individual cards you can see the statistics. So make your way to the next card in the crucible to find all 27 dead ghosts.

Banner fall
Burning Shrine
Black Shield
Blind Watch Cathedral of Dusk
Thieves’ Den
Twilight Gap

Exodus Blue
Firebase Delphi
First Light
Rusted Lands
Sector 618
Shore of Time
Widow’s Court

Dead ghosts - Video with locations

If you are a beginner and just started the game with latest expansion Rise of Iron, then you may have motivated with this little explanation of dead spirits and Grimoire points. The following YouTube video shows you the locations of all the dead spirits in the crucible.

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