Ornaments weapon skins in Destiny: Rise of Iron

In Destiny: Rise of Iron, you’ll find 10 weapons that can be decorated with two weapon skins. Overall, there are 20 ornaments that are provided with the DLC Rise of Iron. You can already see the weapons shaders if have you downloaded the latest update (2.4.0).

So far it is known that the ornament Xur can purchase. For this you need the new currency, silver dust, which also comes with Destiny: Rise of Iron.

If you want to see the ornaments in the game, you just need to go into your inventory, select the appropriate weapon for which there are new weapon skins, and press Triangle / Y button.

Nemesis Star: For this machine gun, the developers have decided to give red and black / silver. The ornament for the Nemesis Star called Silver Bullet and Meteorites.

Mida Multi-Tool: This Scout Rifle remains in classic colors and gets a black and a bright Weapon Skin Camo. The shaders are called Special Ops and Arctic survivalist.

Zhalo Supercell: The automatic rifle is supplemented by ornaments Shock Hazard and not a toy. While not a toy looks like a classic rifle, presents Shock Hazard rifle rather modern represents.

Hawkmoon: With Carrion and Moonglow you get two weapon skins for this handgun. One adorns the gun with springs and the other with a kind of red splashes which almost look like dried-up blood.

Invective: With Storm's Reproach you let it look like as if it had been dipped in lava. The dark red of weapons shader Iconoclast gives the shotgun style.

Trespasser: A gun does not always look as good as this and you can use the ornaments make even more chic. Either with a sunny yellow mixed with an icy blue (Fallen Assassin) or with a cool silver (Crucible Assassin).

Truth: A rocket launcher should look good and make sure Prototype and Heart of Gold. During the first, wrap the gun in a gray then the Second enchanted the bowler in a gold mine.

Monte Carlo: The ornaments Royal Flush and Hawkmoon, the automatic rifle is mixed with red and gold accents.

Telesto: This fusion gun becomes a feast for the eyes with the weapon skins - Queen's Command and Lingering Vestige. Contrasting fit these ornaments certainly very good to Destiny.

Khvostov 7G-OX: If you remember the first automatic rifle, you could pick up in the game. This is the exotic variety and it is equipped with the ornaments and load Warmind Bureau of Aeronatics.

We will expand this guide when more ornaments are available.

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