Destiny Rise of Iron: Nemesis Star - new exotic weapon guide

Rise of the Iron, the newest expansion to Destiny brings a lot of new exotic weapons and additional ornaments for their design. Probably one of the biggest machine gun in the new DLC is the Nemesis Star. This weapon will give you a lot of fun and victories in both PvP and PvE.

The new exotic weapon is the perfect companion for fans of solar damage. Nemesis Star is a good choice for players who like to throw themselves into the fray, with the various perks give you a good grasp definitely.

The biggest strength of Nemesis Star lies in its enormous burst damage. For a machine gun the magazine is not overwhelming in size. 53 cartridges per magazine fit into this weapon and release solar damage hail on your opponents. However, the lack of capacity of cartridges like the gun by a very good stability high damage of the individual shots.

The following perks are available for you with the Nemesis Star:

- Strange gravity: Reach and precision are increased, as long as you hold down the trigger. In addition, you get Kills a bonus to the cooldown of grenades.

- Spray and Play: Improve reload speed, when your magazine is empty.

- Extinction cycle: The rate of fire of the weapon is increased during the first hit.

In addition to the normal perks, you can choose between selectable extras that customize the weapon to your game style:

First Extra:

- Flared Magwell: The reload speed is even faster.
- Perfect Balance: The recoil of Nemesis star is significantly reduced.
- Field Scout: Increased your ammunition capacity.

Second Extra:

- Field Choke: Increased range and power but also increased recoil.
- Improved / Accurized Ballistic: Increased range and power but also increased recoil.
- Linear Compensator:

Unfortunately, there is no certain way to get Nemesis Star. You get this weapon by engrams or randomly by Loot on the different planets in Destiny. According to Bungie, there are some useful tips that may help you to get this exotic weapon:

- Activities in the Rise of the Iron Lords.
- From the Wrath of the Machine Raid.
- Occasionally in the range of xur.
- Dawn activities you can find Nemesis star with the engram.
- From the Raid King case.
- You will receive the Nemesis star by tests of Osiris.

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