Guide to get Outbreak Primus in Destiny Rise of Iron

The exotic pulse Rifle Primus has an outstanding attack value of 390, making it one of the best weapons in Destiny: Rise of Iron. However, to be able to acquire it you have to complete many challenges and also need to unravel all the secrets of the rage "Wrath of the Machine". In our guide, we will show you step by step to unlock the Outbreak Primus.

Note! In order to get the exotic weapon, you need a three-fire team consisting of a Titan, a Hunter and a Warlock. Since you get the quest in raid, it is advisable to play with two titans, two hunters and two warlocks.

To start the exotic quest "Channeling the Corruption" for the Outbreak Primus, you have to play the Raid "Wrath of the Machine" and activate all five monitors. This will remove the laser barriers at the end of the raid, which will give you access to the box with a SIVA engine.

Now you have to go to Shiro-4 in the Iron Temple to get the next steps of the quest.

- In the "Be the Battery" quest, you must first complete various targets with a team consisting of Titan, Hunter, and Warlock. This includes the conclusion of a Nightfall Strike, public events in the Plaguelands lands, alternatively three crucible matches or heroic strikes as well as 50 kills with a pulse riffle.

- It is best to combine the kills with the public events at the Archon Forge. So you can complete this step quickly.

- Next, you have to solve a combination puzzle on the SIVA engine. You must select a row in each column from left to right. The order for the Titan is 32323, for the Hunter 23223 and for the Warlock 31313.

- In the next step, "parts of a whole" is now to be patrolled again in the Plaguelands, to fight three battles in the Archon Forge and to complete the Destroy Sepiks Perfected.

- Then follow the second puzzle on the supercharged SIVA engine. The combinations are for the Titan 42123, the Hunter 24414, and the Warlock 13334. In addition, it is important to remember that your complete squad must be in the tower during the puzzle.

- Next, you must complete the Raid "Wrath of the Machine" once again and defeat all three bosses. You don’t have to activate the monitors again.

- Once you have done this, the last combination kit follows the unstable SIVA engine. This time, there is no fixed combination, but all members of the squad must have the same grand total. Note that the upper three rows add numbers, and the lower two rows subtract numbers.

If you have done everything right, you can return to Shiro-4 and finally get your Outbreak Primus with an attack value of 390.

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