Get all 8 Iron Lord Artifacts in Destiny Rise of Iron

Rise of Iron, the latest DLC for Destiny brings you 8 new artifacts. These eight-Iron Lord artifacts were made in honor of the eight dead heroes. These items you’ll not find but get in a different way than you're used to. In this guide, we show you all the perks and effects of artifacts and where to get the Iron Lord’s legacy and what bonuses the Iron Lord artifacts bring you.

All new artifacts are legendary and bring you different bonuses. You have only one chance to get it (you will not find it easy) and then you have to wait considerable time. In our guide we will show you a simple trick that could save you a lot of time and get all the artifacts easily.

Since the launch of "Rise of Iron" Tyra Karn sold three artifacts in iron temple. She will update her listing / inventory every week. Always on Tuesdays at 11am she will change her offer and sell three new Iron Lord Artifacts.

To buy such legendary artifacts, you need a Iron Lord’s legacy. The easiest way to get them by completing the quest "Artifacts Of The Iron Lords". This is the final mission of the main campaign of Tyra Karn. She needs to fulfill her noble deeds and defeat Splicer enemies in the infested land until the bar is filled to 100%.

Tips to Buy all Artifacts in a Week

However, she will give you only one Iron Lord’s legacy per character each week. Therefore, you need to complete this quest with all your three characters in order to be able to buy all three artifacts from Tyra in a week. Once you have acquired a legendary artifact, you must then go to the iron temple and interacts with the corresponding statue of the Iron Lords. Then, the artifact is ready for use. If you have collected all eight artifacts, then you can be able to unlock the Achievement / Trophy "Student Of History".

Besides the eight artifacts, we also listed their effects below:

Memory of Jolder: Remove Sprint cooldown.

Memory of Silimar: Rsistance to damage is increased considerably over time.

Memory of Timur: Melee attacks against weaker minions of darkness can cause the target temporarily turns against his allies.

Memory of Radegast: Gives you the ability to avoid energy projectiles if one takes a sword. Elevate sword ammunition capacity.

Memory of Perun: Opposing keepers with a turbocharged Super and all the enemies with low health are highlighted.

Memory of Skorri: If your Super is fully charged, the super abilities of allies load within reach on faster.

Memory of Felwinter: Lose your Super, receive for an additional grenade, melee additional energy and a small bonus for all Stats. Sphere grant melee and grenades energy.

Memory of Gheleon: Gives detailed radar. Radar will remain, even if one uses the Sight of the primary weapons.

In addition to the artifacts of the Iron Lords, you can now acquire cosmetic artifacts. Overall, there are four pieces of them so far and the effect are that they dip the entire world in a certain color. These cosmetic artifacts are not particularly favorable. You can get them from Tess Everis for 15 silver dusts.

Grayscale Lens - the world is represented in grayscale.
Azure Lens - The world gets a blue tint.
Golden Age Lens - The world is represented sepia.
Topsy Turvy Lens - World turned upside down

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